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Landslide Response and Repair
Project Impact - Landslides

Rainier Avenue S Landslide Mitigation Project

September 7, 2016

Sidewalk Maintenance scheduled for weekend of September 17-18

Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) maintenance crews will clear the sidewalks on the west side of Rainier Ave S between S Carver and S Ryan streets. The existing sidewalk is covered with significant vegetation overgrowth, making the sidewalk inaccessible. The intent of the maintenance is to recover the existing sidewalk so it can be used, and help identify areas where a small retaining wall will prevent future overgrowth on the sidewalk. The sidewalk maintenance is scheduled to take approximately 2 to 5 days to complete.

Project Improvements

As part of this initial maintenance work, crews will:

  • Clear approximately 2880 feet of sidewalk along Rainier Ave S.
  • Cut back overhanging vegetation
  • Identify areas where a small retaining wall will prevent future overgrowth on the sidewalk
  • Realignment and potential relocation of street signs as needed

During this work, neighbors should expect:

  • Temporary shift of the southbound traffic lane during work hours. Northbound lanes will not be impacted.
  • Temporary bike lane closure, people biking should merge with traffic
  • Temporary closure of the west side sidewalk
  • Daytime, weekend work hours between 8 AM and 8 PM
  • Noisy work activities including backup alarms required for safety and sounds of heavy construction machinery, dozers, and bucket trucks
  • Dust and vibration
  • Transit access will not be impacted
  • Residential and commercial business access will not be impacted.


Project Description

The City of Seattle Landslide Mitigation Program recently received funding to deal with a long standing issue of surface slides from the adjacent slope as well as significant overgrowth covering and obstructing the use of the adjacent sidewalk along segments of Rainier Ave S between S. Carver St to the south city limits near S Ryan St. The intent of the project is to recover as much of the existing sidewalk so that the sidewalk can be used by pedestrians. Work will include characterizing the adjacent slope and identifying methods of recovering the existing sidewalk. Methods of recovery could include: re-grading the immediate area behind the existing sidewalk and placement of gravity catchment walls and/or soldier pile catchment walls.

The project will meet SDOT's goal of road and sidewalk maintenance, increasing the life of the streets and reducing  impacts to pedestrians and traffic.

SDOT maintains almost 600 retaining walls, most protecting public streets. The average height is six feet, and if all the retaining walls and seawalls were lined up end to end, they would extend for 21 miles.

Current Schedule

Design: Winter 2016 – Summer 2016
Construction: Fall 2016

Anticipated Construction Impacts

Information on construction impacts will be available closer to the start of construction in fall 2016. General construction impacts will include: noise, dust, vibration, lane restrictions, and potential detours (vehicular, bike, pedestrian).

Project Funding

The project is being funded through the City's Landslide Hazard Mitigation Program and is being managed by SDOT's Street Use division.

Questions or Comments?

Emily Reardon
Project Communications Lead 
(206) 615-1485

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