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Lake City Way NE Multi-modal
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Past Updates

Lake City Way Northeast Multi-modal

Updated January 23, 2006

Past Construction Updates

Paving of Lake City Way NE was completed a day early and the roadway re-opened to full-width. We are currently finishing up various sidewalk, median, signal, and drainage tasks. We also hope to complete the landscaping of the medians before the end of the year.

Thank you for your patience throughout the work; we are nearing the end of the project - 90% of the work has now been completed!

10/28/05 Construction Update:
We're nearing a major milestone in the construction * the final stage of resurfacing Lake City Way NE from NE 110th to NE 123rd streets. Starting Monday, October 31, weather permitting, crews will begin three days of paving. Throughout the work, at least one lane of travel will be maintained in each direction for north and southbound traffic.

The work will start in the eastern lane at NE 110th and move northward to NE 123rd Street. In order to maintain the flow of north and southbound traffic on Lake City Way NE, the crews will pave just one lane a day. Police Officers will direct traffic at the intersections.

SDOT anticipates completing all the major work elements of this multi-modal project before the end of 2005; minor tasks will be finished in the first two months of 2006.

October 12, 2005

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) Lake City Way Multi-Modal construction project is moving along on schedule.

This Friday, October 14, the traffic signals will be relocated for the southbound traffic so that motorists can be moved over into the presently-closed west curb lane (from NE 123rd to NE 110th) in preparation for next week's asphalt resurfacing work.

Starting next Monday, October 17, SDOT will begin three days of grinding down the old surface of Lake City Way NE between NE 110th and NE 123rd streets prior to applying a new layer of asphalt to the street. The actual impact to traffic will not occur before 9:30 a.m. each day.

On Monday, the grinding will start in the eastern lane at NE 110th and move northward to NE 123rd. Making several passes back and forth between NE 110th and NE 123rd streets, Lake City Way will gradually be ground down from the east side to the west side of the street. As this occurs, traffic will be shifted accordingly. Throughout the work, at least one lane of travel will be maintained each direction for north and southbound traffic. Unfortunately, the grinding process is unavoidably noisy and dusty.

Following the grinding work, we will excavate the center of the roadway for the future medians. We may also need to make repairs to the street base. This preparatory work, plus the weather, will determine how soon thereafter that we can resurface the road. All things cooperating, we hope to apply the new layer of asphalt in a week to a week and a half.

The traffic will be allowed onto the freshly-laid asphalt approximately four hours after the resurfacing is completed.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation and patience throughout our construction.

9/30/05 Construction Update:
Landscaping on the westside of Lake City Way will be finished by the middle of October. Reconstruction of the east curb lane between NE 113 and NE 123 is moving along on schedule and should be completed by mid or late October. This work will be followed by the installation of center medians and resurfacing of Lake City Way from NE 113 to NE 123.

September 16, 2005
All, or most, of the following work has now been completed:
- The sidewalk on the westside of Lake City Way
- The storm drainage and water quality improvements on the west side of Lake City Way
- The installation of street lights on the west side of Lake City Way
- The paving of the curb lane on the west side of Lake City Way from NE Northgate Way to NE 123rd St.
- Installation of the irrigation system for landscaping

Starting the week of September 19th:
- Beginning installation of landscaping between NE 113rd and NE 123rd streets on the west side of Lake City Way
- Work preparing the Business Access and Transit (BAT) lane begins in the curb (parking) lane on the east side of Lake City Way at NE 113th. Reconstruction of the lane will progress northward toward NE 123rd St, and take approximately one month to complete. Parking will be restricted in the work zone.

Again, thank you for your patience!

June 29, 2005
NE 115th will reopen to traffic Thursday, June 23rd. Thank you for your patience during this closure!

Construction this week and next includes completion of various portions of sidewalk on the west side of Lake City Way NE. Work continues on replacing the pipe under Lake City Way just south of NE 115th. Installation of light poles will begin next week on the west side of Lake City Way in the work zone just north of Northgate Way.

June 8, 2005
Starting this coming Monday, June 13, SDOT will complete stormwater pipeline installation and electrical work at the intersection of NE 115th Street and Lake City Way NE. During this work, on the west side of Lake City Way, the following temporary closure is required:

* NE 115th will be closed between 26th Ave NE and Lake City Way

* The closure could last up to two weeks

* Weather permitting, NE 115th Street may reopen the week of June 28, 2005

Please call 206-269-0229 (ext 12) or 206-306-2707 if you have access concerns, deliveries, or other issues that we need to be aware of when scheduling these street closures.

May 26, 2005
Construction is on schedule. Work continues on installing the stormwater drainage pipe between NE Northgate Way and NE 115th Street. The new sidewalk and curb work from just north of NE 115th to NE 123rd streets is nearly complete. Next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, (May 31-June 2) we will pave at NE 117th St, NE 120th St, and at various driveways between NE 115th and 123rd streets.

We are replacing a degraded stormwater pipe just south of NE 115th Street that was not on the original work plan. The work will begin in mid-June and take about a month to complete. This work will not impact the project schedule or the traffic flow on Lake City Way NE.

April 28, 2005
Lake City Way Multi Modal Construction Update:

Beginning Monday, May 2nd, we will close NE 120th Street west of Lake City Way NE in order to finish restoring the concrete where we have completed installing a new stormwater drainage pipe and PSE installed a new gas main. The temporary closure of NE 120th Street will last approximately 10 days.

We are also now installing sidewalks and restoring the street between NE 115th and NE 123rd. The project construction remains on track for completion this fall.

April 25, 2005
30th Ave NE Reopens Ahead of Schedule

Good news: The northbound left-turn access from Lake City Way NE to 30th Avenue NE has reopened - two weeks ahead of schedule. That northbound left turn had been closed off since March 1st while SDOT installed a new stormwater drainage pipe and for the installation of new gas main by PSE at the same location. With the completion of that work, SDOT's contractor is now focusing on restoring the street between NE 115th and NE

April 12, 2005
Lake City Way Multi Modal Project Progressing on Schedule

Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 13th, crews will be working at the intersection of NE Northgate Way and Lake City Way NE. The work will involve repositioning the overhead traffic signal for upcoming lane adjustments that will accommodate the next phase of work.

Changes in the signals and striping will go into effect next week on Lake City Way NE. The current traffic control between NE 123rd and NE 115th (no lane restrictions northbound, one lane open southbound from 9:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. daily) will be extended south to NE 113th starting Monday, April 18th. This next phase of work includes installation of a stormwater drainage pipe as well as traffic signal and pedestrian improvements between NE 115th and NE 113th.

Please note: In addition to SDOT's work, PSE is installing a gas main between NE 123rd and NE 113th Streets. SDOT is coordinating its work with PSE in order to minimize the disruption to traffic and the neighborhood.

Thank you for your patience.

March 24, 2005


The Lake City Way Multi Modal Project construction remains on schedule.

Electrical work to improve the traffic flow and safety along Lake City Way will begin next week, March 28. Over the coming months, crews will replace the existing electrical equipment located within the sidewalks along Lake City Way at all major intersections between NE 80th and NE 145th streets and on some side streets. Work will begin at NE 80th street and progress northbound to 145th. This first phase will take between 2-4 days at each location after which the sidewalk will be temporarily restored. When the work on the remaining intersections is finished and the intersections are linked, the contractor will return to to activate the system and permanently restore the sidewalk. This second phase should take 1 or 2 days at each location. We will make every effort to minimize the impact to adjacent businesses and homes. To accommodate the work there will be some curb lane closures.

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