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Lake City Way NE Multi-modal
Coffee Pot Pergola Dedication
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Lake City Way Northeast Multi-modal

Updated May 30, 2007

Lake City Way Multi Modal Project Update:

Thank you for your patience while construction crews completed the Lake City Way Multi-Modal project. The project goals were to improve transit operating efficiency and reliability; reduce congestion; improve vehicular safety; and make significant street improvements including drainage, sidewalks, a landscaped median and street resurfacing. The resurfacing of Lake City Way NE from NE 110th to NE 123rd streets took place in November of 2005.

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and its contractors take pride in delivering a superior product to the public. Unfortunately, a portion of the asphalt paving on Lake City Way NE, in the southbound direction, has failed to meet our quality standards.

Though the paving problem is not yet visually obvious, careful inspection has revealed signs of significant deterioration, which could quickly lead to costly and ongoing repairs. To minimize future maintenance and user delay, the asphalt surface will be removed and replaced. This work is expected to take approximately one week to complete.

We realize this repair will inconvenience the public and area businesses. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your understanding. We have asked the contractor to perform the work as quickly as possible and to maintain traffic during the construction. We will also make sure the work is completed during non-peak hours.

It is not yet clear what may have caused the asphalt in the southbound lanes to begin separating. A well-sealed surface is crucial to the durability of a roadway and to the protection of the supporting base material. To ensure this durability the southbound lanes of Lake City Way NE, from NE 110th to NE 123rd streets, will be resurfaced the week of June 4 through 8. SDOT will maintain two lanes of traffic during the morning and afternoon peak hours. One southbound lane will remain open at all times.

For further information, please contact:

George Frost
Public Outreach Coordinator
SDOT Capital Projects and Roadway Structures
(206) 615-0786

The Coffee Pot Pergola Sculpture Is Unveiled

On Saturday August 6th, a large crowd of community members and dignitaries gathered to celebrate the dedication of artist Paul Sorey's Coffee Pot Pergola. Click here to view our photos of the event as well as more information about the artwork and the artist.

Dedication of Coffee Pot Pergola Sculpture on 30th Ave NE at Lake City Way NE and NE 123rd

This is a joint project among the City of Seattle, King County Metro, and the Washington State Department of Transportation.


This multi-modal project is led by the City of Seattle, in partnership with the Washington State Department of Transportation and King County Metro Transit. The project extends along Lake City Way Northeast from I-5 to Northeast 145th Street.

Project Benefits

  • Improve pedestrian access by improving the sidewalk system and reducing existing drainage problems;
  • Improve transit operating efficiency and reliability on Lake City Way Northeast;
  • Improve the flow of vehicular traffic on Lake City Way NE by updating and optimizing the traffic signal lights;
  • Improve safety of vehicular traffic on Lake City Way NE by adding access management features to reduce accidents;
  • Provide an element of public art; and
  • Improve safety at Bus Stops by adding lighting or moving stops closer to street lighting.

Completed Project Elements:

  • WSDOT completed resurfacing from I-5 to NE 110th Street and from NE 123rd Street to NE 147th Street in 2001
  • King County Metro Transit completed consolidation of its bus zones in 2002

SDOT construction schedule:

  • Construction began the last week of January 2005. Major contract work is on schedule to be completed by Febuary 2006, weather permitting.

Project improvements will include:

  • A new sidewalk with a planting strip and street trees on the west side of Lake City Way from Northgate Way to NE 123rd St.;
  • Drainage improvements on the west side of Lake City Way from Northgate Way to NE 123rd St.;
  • Asphalt resurfacing between NE 110th St. and NE 123rd St. (WSDOT has already resurfaced between I-5 and NE 110th St. and between NE 123rd St. and NE 145th St.);
  • Access management improvements north of Northgate Way NE (medians and/or left-turn pockets that will prevent accidents caused by vehicles turning left across on coming traffic lanes; medians will be landscaped);
  • Traffic signal interconnect;
  • Northbound right turn/business access/transit only (BAT) lane from NE 123rd St. to Northgate Way;
  • Northbound right turn/business access/transit only (BAT) lane from NE 130th St. to NE 135th St.;
  • Automatic bus identification technology and transit signal priority equipment (response system for buses that will trigger additional green-light time for them);
  • A transit "queue jump" signal which will allow buses to move out into traffic from the BAT lane at NE 123rd St. / 30th Ave. NE;
  • Lighting improvements for bus shelters;
  • Bus Zone Consolidation (already done by Metro Transit);
  • Public Art component to be located at 30th Ave NE and NE 123rd St. (in front of Cranium's); and
  • Preliminary engineering analysis for new left turns at NE 80th St. and at 15th Ave. NE for a potential future Phase 2 project.

For further information, contact:

Ron Scharf, Project Manager, 206-684-5192
Marybeth Turner, Communications Office, 206-684-8114

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Lake City Way Northeast Multi-modal Project

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