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- King Street Station Restoration Project
- First Hill Streetcar
- Bicycle Master Plan
- Pedestrian Master Plan
- SDOTs Transit Plan
- Center City Circulation Report
- Center City Access Strategy
- Urban Mobility Plan
- Mayor's Center City Strategy

King Street Station Multimodal Hub Strategy

Project Overview

  • One of three Center City Multimodal Transportation Hubs. The King Street Station Multimodal Hub was designated in the 2003 Center City Access Study along with Westlake and Colman Dock. The three hubs are key elements of the Center City transportation system that function as both destinations and transfer points for a variety of transportation users.

  • Covers Two Distinct Neighborhoods. The Hub study area covers six to eight blocks (approximately a quarter mile) and is located within both the Pioneer Square and Chinatown/International District neighborhoods. Each neighborhood is a designated historic landmark district with engaged community groups that embrace their unique and distinct community characteristics.

  • Includes Many Key Transportation Facilities. The Hub includes Historic King Street Station serving both inner-city rail, intra-city bus and commuter rail; the International District Station serving light rail and local bus service; major surface transit stops; and the future terminus of the First Hill Streetcar. The area is also heavily used by pedestrians, cyclists, general traffic and freight.

  • A Dispersed Hub. The Hub has a number of dispersed destinations, some of which are grade separated or divided from each other by busy surface roadways. These physical separations result in challenging navigation for pedestrians and cyclists who are transferring between modes or trying to find a local destination. The dispersed nature of the study area and facilities is a challenge to the development of an efficient and cohesive Hub strategy that is an amenity for local residents and daily visitors.

Timeline of major projects that affect the hub area –


First Hill Streetcar is in operation

Seismic upgrades to street support structures completed

2016 – planning horizon

Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall Project are complete and existing Viaduct is being removed

Second and third floors of King Street Station are completed

S Washington St and S Main St may be used as a transit couplet for Rapid Ride to West Seattle

North Lot development in construction

Link LRT service to Capitol Hill and Husky Stadium


Link LRT service to Brooklyn, Roosevelt, and Northgate

2030 – planning horizon

Street support structures (4th Ave S, S Jackson St, 2nd Ave Ext S, S Main St) will be/are replaced

North Lot development to be completed

Potential streetcar expansion to link South Lake Union and First Hill lines

Hub Strategy Goals

  1. Easy to Use: The hub should be easily discernable to residents and visitors
  2. Accessible: Connections within the hub should be designed for people of all abilities
  3. Connected: The hub should connect as many transit systems and routes as possible within the shortest distance possible
  4. Imbedded: The hub should offer convenient access to adjacent areas of Center City
  5. Iconic: The hub should be iconic and memorable


I. Evaluate existing and planned transportation uses including transit, freight, pedestrian, bicycle and general traffic

II. Evaluate existing urban design features and community visions for future needs, including previous design and transportation planning studies

III. Develop 2016 and 2030 hub alternatives including conceptual design plans and preliminary projects

IV. Work with stakeholders to develop a preferred hub plan that will be the focus of the final hub strategy document



This project is currently being staffed in-house.
Opportunities for partnering with other projects to leverage funds for implementation include:

First Hill Streetcar
King Street Station Restoration
Livable South Downtown
North Lot development
Roadway structures rebuild/seismic retrofit


Internal and external city staff briefings through the Center City Public Realm IDT, the Pedestrian/Bike work group meetings, and one-on-one topical meetings

Transportation agency meetings with Amtrak, Sound Transit, BNSF, WSDOT, and King County Metro

Presentations to various groups:

Design and Planning Commissions
Landmarks Boards
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Boards
Pioneer Square and Chinatown/ID Historic Preservation Boards
About 15 other community groups

Planning Charrette Outcomes

Click for larger map

Click here to download preliminary hub design concepts

Please note: concepts will be modified and refined as we continue our outreach process

Overall Consensus:

a. Lid the openings over the railroad

b. Restore the grid by closing 2nd Ave Ext S

c. Make S Jackson street a “complete street”

d. Improve and integrate wayfinding

e. Create more green within streetscapes (3rd Ave S, 2nd Ave S, S Washington St, 4th Ave S)

f. Repurpose curbspace to allow for kiss and ride/taxi drop-off at KSS and to remove bus layover areas

g. Improve ped/bike connection between King Street Station and Chinatown/ID Station

h. Pedestrianize alleys (secondary pedestrian network)

i. Celebrate the historic districts and historic shoreline – depict history - (link with Trails to Treasure project)


b. Close 2nd Ave Ext S to general traffic; allow transit and bicycles to continue through

Proposed Projects

Next Steps

19 Feet First
20 Bicycle Alliance of Washington
24 AIA Urban Design Committee

3 Seattle Design Commission
7 InterIm CDA
8 International Special Review District
9 Pedestrian Advisory Board
10 Seattle Planning Commission
14 Vulcan Real Estate, First & Goal, Public Stadium Authority
17 Pioneer Square Alliance
25 City Council Transportation Committee

2 Pioneer Square Preservation Board
2 Bicycle Advisory Board
7 Friends of Seattle’s Olmsted Parks

- Draft Plan completed
- SDOT and departmental review

- Mayor and Council review
- Union Station 100th Anniversary Community Open House: Friday, May 20 from 2-7 PM.  Come visit our table and provide input to our hub study short, mid, and long-term transportation projects.

- Prioritize projects for further study
- Mayor and Council review

- Develop preliminary design/studies for
prioritized projects
- Final review

- Finalize document

Project Contacts:

Project Manager - Darby Watson 206-386-4012,

Lead Transportation Planner – Sara Robertson 206-733-9973,


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