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Heritage Tree Program Nomination Form

Anyone may nominate a tree. The owners approval is needed for Heritage Tree designation. To nominate a tree, fill out the following and return to the Heritage Tree Committee. Please print legibly.

Nominators Name ____________________________________

Address _____________________________________________

City ____________________ State _______ Zip ____________

Phone ___________________ Email _____________________

Today's Date ____________________

Tree Species/Common Name __________________________

Please indicate if this nomination is for an individual tree or a group of trees. Use a separate page for each tree or one page for a group nomination.

Location of the tree in Seattle. (Give the address and nearest cross streets)

(If possible please attach a photo of the tree and a map showing the tree on the site. Indicate which direction is North.)

Owners Name ______________________________________

Owners Address ____________________________________

City ___________________ State _______ Zip ___________

Phone ____________________ E-mail ____________________

Measured or Approximate size:
Circumference of trunk
at 4.5 feet above ground
_________ Height _________

Why is this tree special? _____________________________



If you have questions about this form, call 206-684-8733.

Nominating a tree provides recognition of a trees intrinsic worth and value to the community.

SDOT Urban Forestry Arborist's Office

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