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Heavy Haul Network Permits

October 26, 2016

Trucks traveling along SW Spokane St Bridge

Working with the Port of Seattle, weve made it easier and more convenient to permit and inspect overweight vehicles operating in and out of Seattles Heavy Haul Network (HHN Map) or along any of these city streets (list). This partnership, also known as The Northwest Seaport Alliance, helps reduce congestion around the ports while making it easier to conduct business and remain competitive.

Get a Heavy Haul Network Permit

A HHN Permit will help make sure you can efficiently move sealed ocean-going containers between the Port of Seattle and nearby intermodal facilities.

Here’s how to get one:

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  1. Bring a completed and signed HHN Permit Application
  2. Provide a copy of proof of $750,000.00 liability insurance
  3. Provide a copy of current CVSA Certificate, which must be inspected every six months
  4. Pay the $200.00 application fee
  5. Bring additional vehicle information if applying for more than one vehicle.

Know and Follow the Rules

Once you obtained a HHN Permit, keep it valid* and follow these regulations outlined in the Seattle Municipal Code (SMC Title 11.61):

  • All vehicles shall be properly licensed
  • Maintain a signed copy of the valid permit in the power unit at all times
  • Become familiar with the conditions of the HHN Permit
  • Truck tractor and container chassis must be licensed for travel on City streets

*HHN Permits are only valid with a sealed ocean-going container on a chassis in route between the trans load facility and a designated marine terminal as defined in SMC 11.61.050.

Weights shall not exceed the limits established in SMC  

  • Minimum axle space of 36 feet between two consecutive axles of tandem axles
  • Steer axle not to exceed 600 lbs. per inch of tire width
  • 40,000 pound maximum weight on tandem axle container chassis
  • 43,000 pound maximum weight on tractor tandem drive axle
  • Maximum gross vehicle weight is 98,000 pounds
  • Loads shall not exceed the manufacturer’s weight rating as displayed on the equipment

You are responsible to verify bridge heights along your planned route.

NOTE: All sealed ocean-going containers shall be accompanied with shipping papers carried in the tractor truck showing origin, destination, and commodity contained within the sealed ocean-going container. The Seal shall be unbroken and affixed with a number matching the number for the shipping papers. Failure to follow these regulations or any part of the SMC Title 11.61, may result in a citation, confiscation or revocation of the permit.

For additional information contact:

Seattle Department of Transportation, Traffic Permits/Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
Telephone: (206) 684-5086 | Email:

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