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Greenwood Avenue North Street Improvements: April 2009 to January 2010

The Greenwood Avenue North Street Improvement project between N 105th and N 112th streets was completed in early 2010.

This work included widening the four-lane roadway by adding a landscaped center street median and left-hand turn pocket at all intersections within the corridor. Signal, street light, and storm system improvements were also completed. Additionally, a crosswalk and signal were added at the intersection of Greenwood Ave. N and N 105th Street at Holman Rd. after many customer service requests for these amenities.


Construction Update: February 4, 2010

The final stages of construction activity are underway on the Greenwood Avenue N project between N 105th and N 112th streets.

The Greenwood Avenue North Street Improvement Project was slated for completion near the end of 2009, but the work had to be extended into 2010.  There were several reasons for this:  During construction, crews encountered some unforeseen underground obstacles that slowed the work, the project scope was expanded, and poor weather conditions also contributed to delaying project completion until 2010.

If weather permits, the project is expected to be substantially complete by early February.

The contractor is nearing substantial completion, currently finishing up pavement striping work and installing permanent signage.  This work includes installation of a new crosswalk at N 105th & Greenwood Avenue N to go along with installation of new traffic control system.

There is going to be a new crosswalk installed on the Holman Road side of the intersection at Greenwood Ave N & N 105th St, where currently there is no crosswalk.  SDOT has received many customer feedback requests to add this and we are taking advantage of the opportunity with the Greenwood Avenue N Street Improvements Project to upgrade the signal and install the crosswalk now.

Adding this feature prompted the need to make changes to traffic flow on the south bound direction on Greenwood Ave N approaching the intersection.  There are now two lanes dedicated to right-turn-only from Greenwood to N Holman Road with one lane dedicated southbound though to Greenwood Avenue N.  Before construction there had been one lane southbound through, one lane allowing both southbound through and right-turn movements, and one lane right-turn only.

For some time the new lane configuration has been in place.  When the new crosswalk crossing Holman Road is activated and serves a waiting pedestrian, the two southbound right turn lanes will see a red right turn arrow that they may not expect.  In the past, the southbound through lane and two southbound right turn lanes would both go green at the same time. Now the southbound through may operate separately and be green when the two southbound right turn lanes still have a red right turn arrow.  We want citizens to know that this signal is not malfunctioning, but instead is serving this new crosswalk that has increased pedestrian mobility at this complicated intersection.

Construction Phases (preliminary schedule)

• Storm drainage work and tree removal - April through June 2009
• Work related to street improvements on the west side of Greenwood Avenue N - May through October 2009
• Work related to street improvements on the east side of Greenwood Avenue N - August through November 2009
• Traffic signal work - May/June/September/October 2009
• Work on center medians - September through December 2009
• Street paving and private property restoration – November 2009 through January 2010

  • New street channelization – January 2010
  • Final work to complete project - January through February 2010

What to Expect During Construction

• Heavy traffic congestion and delays
• Lane closures
• Pedestrian and vehicle detours
• Parking and loading restrictions
• Moderate construction noise and dust
• Weekday, weekend, & nighttime work ( Regular work hours from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM weekdays)
Access maintained to all businesses
Regular notices with location-specific information provided as the work progresses

Project Description

View North from N 105th St
View Larger Map

Gary Merlino Construction Company has been awarded the contract to construct the Greenwood Avenue N Street Improvements Project. The project is located on Greenwood Avenue N between N 105th and N 112th streets.

The contractor will widen the existing four (4)-lane roadway with no sidewalks into a (4)-lane roadway structure with a landscaped center street median and left-hand turn pocket at all intersections. Signal and street lighting improvements will be made as well as storm system improvements, all of which will enhance pedestrian safety and transit access.

For further information, please contact:

George Frost
Public Outreach Coordinator
(206) 615-0786

Josh Stepherson
Community Communications Officer
(206) 255-2627

Michael V. Ward
Project Manager or (206) 684-8493


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Greenwood Avenue North Street Improvements Project


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