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Instructions for Calculating Building Grades

NOTE: This process is applicable to projects that DO NOT REQUIRE street improvements. If street improvements ARE REQUIRED, the applicant shall apply to Seattle Department of Transportation for a Street Improvements Permit.

The land use code requires that parking areas and/or buildings are designed to meet the future grade of the street at the property line. The following web pages provide guidance to developers / owners / applicants to set the elevation of the parking areas and building access to meet the future elevations of the fully improved streets. The tool to provide the elevation at the property line representing the future elevation of the street is called a Building Grade Sheet. A new tool to establish the elevation at property line is a set of standard drawings developed by Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (Seattle DCI) and SDOT.

The existing Building Grade Sheet process is refined with this new web application that provides standards / guidelines to establish the elevation of the parking areas or building grades from the existing street pavement.

The existing Building Grade Sheet process does not change for unpaved right-of-ways. A Building Grade Sheet is still needed where non-paved rock surfaced roads or unimproved right-of-ways exist adjacent to the development. In these cases DPD will provide a Building Grade Sheet with elevation data at the property line to aid in establishing elevation of the parking or building grade from the future street pavement. Applications for Building Grade Sheets are still accepted at Seattle DCI.

Begin the new process by visiting the development site to observe adjacent public roadways and by researching the right-of-way width. Once you have obtained site specific information, you are ready to use the following web application. Continue by answering questions as they appear. The answers to your questions appear at the top of the web page and are highlighted as you browse from one page to the next. To correct an answer, use your browser's back button to go back to the previous page and provide the correct response to the question. This process results in preparation of the applicant to obtain permits either at Seattle DCI or SDOT.

Please contact us by email and let us know what you think of this new online tool. We appreciate your feedback.

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