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Fremont Circulation Project
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Fremont Circulation Project | Bridge Way North Street Improvements

Updated April 21, 2006

Update: Fremont Circulation and Bridge Way North Street Improvements to completed soon!

Since fall of 2005, SDOT has been constructing various signal and roadway improvements in the Fremont neighborhood and Bridge Way North corridor. Through a lot of hard work from many, we are nearing the end of this construction work. All of the signal and roadway improvements are expected to be completed in June 2006.

See the following may for highlights of the project improvements.

Click on map for larger version

Fremont Parking Changes Map (PDF)

Traffic Improvements in Downtown Fremont and the Bridge Way North Corridor

Project Summary from August 2005
Traffic improvements are coming to Fremont as part of Mayor Nickels' priority to keep Seattle moving.

SDOT will install traffic improvements in downtown Fremont, along the Bridge Way/N 38th Street corridor, and at two intersections south of the Fremont Bridge. Six new traffic signals will be added to improve pedestrian circulation as well as the flow of traffic. Eight traffic signals and one fire signal will be upgraded, enabling them to be interconnected with fiber optics so their operation can be more easily coordinated. Some intersections will be reconfigured.

Two variable message signs will be added to inform drivers when the bridge is closed to traffic, and two traffic cameras will be installed to monitor traffic near the bridge.

This project includes elements identified as a result of neighborhood planning efforts to improve safety at several intersections. Some of these improvements will also facilitate traffic flow while the Fremont Bridge approaches (elevated roadways at each end of the bridge) are being replaced.

Fremont Circulation Improvements
Fremont Circulation Overview
Fremont Circulation Overview
Click to view larger image.
Bridge Way Corridor Details
Bridge Way Corridor Details
Click to view larger image.
Click here to download the PDF
Complete design - spring 2005
Begin construction - late summer 2005
Complete construction - spring 2006

New Traffic Signal Locations

  • Fremont Avenue N at N 36th Street
  • N 36th Street at Evanston Avenue N
  • Aurora Avenue N on-ramp at Fremont Way/ N 38th Street (one signal)
  • Aurora Avenue N off-ramps at Bridge Way N (two signals)
  • N 39th Street at Stone Way N*

* This signal will be installed by SDOT crews as Phase 2 of this project. Estimated installation is early 2007

Upgraded Traffic Signal Locations

  • Nickerson at Westlake/Dexter
  • Nickerson at Florentia/3rd Ave N
  • Fremont Avenue at N 34th, N 35th and N 39th Streets
  • N 36th Street at Dayton Avenue N
  • N 36th Street at Phinney Avenue N
  • Stone Way N at Bridge Way N
  • Fire signal at N 38th Street and Linden Avenue N.

Other Traffic Improvements

  • N 34th at Fremont Avenue N
    After approach construction is completed, the northbound to westbound left turn to N 34th Street will be restricted from 3pm to 7pm.
  • N 35th Street at Fremont Avenue
    The left turn lane from Fremont Place N to Fremont Avenue N will be extended and precast traffic curb will prevent traffic on N 35th Street from accessing this turn lane.
  • N 39th Street, Fremont Way N and Fremont Avenue N
    A left-turn signal phase will be added for traffic traveling from Fremont Way N and N 39th Street to southbound Fremont Avenue N.
  • Stone Way N and Bridge Way N
    A left-turn pocket and signal will be added for traffic traveling from Stone Way N to Bridge Way N.
  • Evanston Avenue N
    Traffic on Evanston Avenue N south of N 36th Street will be two-way.
  • Whitman Avenue N
    A cul-de-sac will be placed on Whitman Avenue N on the south side of Bridge Way North so that there will be no through traffic.
  • N 39th Street
    N 39th Street will be one-way eastbound from Bridge Way N to Stone Way N.
  • Upper N 38th Street
    Upper N 38th Street will be one-way westbound from Whitman Avenue N to Aurora Avenue N. Once the signal is installed at N. 39th Street and Stone Way N.

A total of $6.7 million in city, state, and federal funds are funding this project, as well as contributions from local businesses and developers.

Related Work in Fremont
In addition to the Fremont Circulation Improvements, several other projects will be underway that will have an effect on getting around in Fremont:

  • Fremont Bridge Approaches
    The replacement of the Fremont Bridge Approaches (the elevated roadways at each end of the bridge) began in September 2005. Construction is expected to take 26 months. During the first nine months traffic on the bridge will not be affected. During the second ten months the bridge will remain open to one lane of traffic in each direction with one sidewalk serving both directions. Following the approach replacement, the electrical mechanical components of the bridge will be upgraded. After the approach project with the mechanical and electrical upgrades are complete, the bridge maintenance shop at the south end of the bridge will be replaced. The bridge will be totally closed to traffic an estimated 15 weekends during replacement of the approaches and the electrical and mechanical portions of the bridge.

  • Bike Lanes on Fremont Avenue N
    SDOT crews installed bike lanes in 2005 on Fremont Avenue N. from N36th Street to N 42nd Street.

  • New Bike Lane on N 34th Street
    SDOT closed the Burke-Gilman Trail in September 2005. The trail will remain closed for a total of approximately 18 to 20 months while the approaches of the Fremont Bridge are replaced. A temporary westbound bike lane, in addition to the existing eastbound bike lane, on N 34th Street was added while the Burke-Gilman Trail is closed.

  • Traffic Calming
    Three traffic calming devices will be installed on N 36th Street with a City grant obtained by the neighborhood: traffic circles would be installed at Linden Avenue N and Woodland Park Avenue N (to be completed late spring/early summer 2006), and a newly-designed traffic control device will be installed in front of the troll sculpture on N 36th Street under the Aurora Bridge (this device was completed in January 2006). SDOT staff continues to work with residents on this project.

  • Residential Parking Zone
    A proposed Residential Parking Zone is under discussion to provide more dependable parking for residents near downtown Fremont.

For more information, contact:
Lorelei Williams
SDOT Project Manager

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