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Freight Mobility Program
Seattle Freight Mobility Advisory Committee
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Seattle Freight Mobility Advisory Committee

About the Seattle Freight Mobility Advisory Committee

The City of Seattle established the Freight Mobility Advisory Committee (FMAC) in September 2002 to advise elected officials, SDOT and other agencies on measures to improve freight mobility and safety in Seattle. The Committee served for eight years through December 2010, and is being replaced in 2011 by a new Freight Advisory Board.

Seattle Freight Advisory Board

Seattle City Council adopted Resolution Number 31243 in September, 2010 expressing the intent to create a more formal advisory body for freight issues by establishing a Freight Advisory Board. This new board will advise the Mayor, the City Council, and all departments and offices of the city in the development of a functional and efficient freight system, and on all matters related to freight and the impact that actions by the city may have on the freight environment.  The board is replacing the Freight Mobility Advisory Committee upon its formation.

For questions regarding the Freight Advisory Board, please contact:

Chris Eaves
Senior Civil Engineering Specialist
Seattle Department of Transportation
PO Box 34996
Seattle, WA  98124-4996
t: 206-684-4524  l  f: 206-684-3272

History of FMAC

SDOT looked to the citywide Freight Committee to represent the various modes of transportation (truck, rail and marine) for the movement of goods and services.

The Committee served as a forum for exchange between stakeholders and government agency staff on potential freight mobility transportation improvements. The Committee supported the city's implementation of the Seattle Manufacturing and Maritime Action Plan , the Seattle Transportation Strategic Plan and the Freight Mobility Strategic Action Plan .

The following are advisories which the Committee issued on various topics. The Committee discussed and approved the correspondence listed below:

Click here to view past advisory committee members.

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