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Arterial Asphalt & Concrete Paving Information

First Avenue South Rebuild Project – Stacy to Horton

July 21, 2009

Project Description

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) continues its reconstruction and repair of major arterials in 2009 with a complete rebuild of 1st Avenue South between Stacy and Horton Streets.

The project began in early February and continues through September. The intensity of the work necessitates temporary elimination of parking on both sides of 1st Avenue in the work zone, and restriction of traffic to two northbound lanes and a single southbound lane during construction. Once the project is complete, the current parking and traffic channelization – including the center turn lane – will be restored.

The contractor is working at least two shifts, six or seven days a week, to complete the project in the time allowed. Significant levels of traffic congestion and noise are expected in the work zone, but pedestrian pathways and access to businesses will be maintained throughout the project.

The project involves:

  • installation of a new 24” main waterline approximately 6 feet below the surface on the east side of the street
  • construction of storm drains in many areas to improve surface drainage
  • reconstruction of street curbs and provision of curb cuts for vehicle and pedestrian access
  • complete reconstruction of the roadway (new base and paving)
  • installation of new vehicle detection loops under the pavement
  • construction of concrete pads for Metro buses to reduce future maintenance costs
  • rebuilding about 75% of the sidewalks in the project area
  • addition of new street trees in some areas

Construction began on the east side of the street along the entire length of the project to allow placement of and connections to the new water main, expected to be completed by the end of June.

Project Funding

This roadway project is funded by Bridging the Gap, a voter-approved $365 million dollar levy for transportation maintenance and improvements.

Over the next nine years, Bridging the Gap will address the City’s mounting transportation problems and create a strong foundation for Seattle’s transportation future by reducing the infrastructure backlog and investing in major transportation projects.

Want to Learn More?

For the latest news and information, or to request a project briefing, contact:

Art Brochet
Project Communications
(206) 240-1106

Vicinity Map & Project Area Maps

View South towards Lander
View Larger Map

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