36th Street Sidewalk & Curb Work Has Begun
Portions of existing street curbs and sidewalks are being removed to enable placement of electrical conduits, new traffic signal pole foundations, handicap access ramps and/or modifications to curb locations and sidewalks.

Curb and sidewalk sections at the intersections of 36th and Phinney, Dayton and Evanston will be removed over the next several weeks. The entire sidewalk between Dayton and Evanston on the south side of 36th Street will also be removed & replaced later still.

Removal activities will be scheduled to avoid disrupting businesses where possible, while trying to ensure the sidewalks are replaced as soon as possible.

Evanston & 36th Traffic Bulb Going In Soon
The new traffic bulb on the north side of 36th at Evanston will be installed over the next few weeks. An asphalt surface will temporarily serve as a sidewalk along the new curb until other work in the new bulb is completed.

RSVP for 10/19 Luncheon at Ponti's
Come hear SDOT Director Grace Crunican speak about the area's transportation issues at noon next Wednesday, October 19th at Ponti's Seafood Grill, just southwest of the Fremont Bridge at 3014 3rd Avenue North. RSVP by 10/17 (632-0124) to enjoy an hour of insights and fine cuisine for just $10.

Metro to hold Bus Route Meeting on 11/10 @ 9AM
Come to hear how Phase II of construction-which will begin next summer-will affect bus routes in and through Fremont. Metro staff will present the proposed changes at the Fremont Baptist Church Social Hall (717 North 36th Street).
  Bridge Way Work Going Gangbusters
Construction on the eastbound off-ramp from Aurora to Bridge Way North is getting seriously down-all the way to the sub-surface storm drain catch basins. After the new catch basins are connected up and new electrical conduits are placed, the final surface elevations will be set, street curbs poured, and the street repaved.

Work on the eastbound off-ramp is expected to continue through the end of the year, then shift westward to encompass the westbound off-ramp. The on-ramp and the work towards Stone Way will follow in the spring.

Audio Files Now Give Project Updates Too!
Thanks to Adobe Systems Inc. you can now receive information on the project in an mp3 audio file format-an easy way of hearing about upcoming activities directly from Project Manager, Lorelei Mesic.

Recorded every other week in Adobe's studios, each audio file will feature a few questions from some Fremont celebrity - many of them actual people! Go to the SDOT website to sign up to receive these audio updates between each biweekly issue of the Fremont Frequent Flyer.

For More Info
If you have questions or concerns regarding the project please call SDOT Project Manager Lorelei Mesic at 206-684-5178. Also, businesses may contact Art Brochet at 206-547-1008 or art@muirpr.com.