the word on the street May 7, 2007

The End Is Near
The last section of approach roadway was poured last week, leaving only a few more surface level elements to be completed. (There is still a lot of work to be done below the approaches, but this will rarely affect bridge traffic.)

Barring disaster-weather-related or otherwise-the Fremont Bridge will once again have two lanes of traffic in each direction before the end of May.

Meanwhile, three note-worthy items, each with different impacts, will keep SDOT crews, Mowat and their subcontractors busy.

Signals to be Hung
New traffic control signals at 34th and Fremont will be hung, connected and tested, occasionally requiring traffic control the old-fashioned way-a police officer pointing and waving his arms. Maybe he'll bring a whistle.

Approach Sidewalk Completion
A final sidewalk segment on the eastern approach (just north of the bridge deck) will be poured soon as well, entailing a detour to the west side for bicyclists and pedestrians during that time.

Grinding & Paving
Some small sections of asphalt near the approaches will be ground down and repaved as part of the reconstruction. Another several hundred feet of rutted pavement may also be replaced now-rather than in a few years-if the estimate is within the proper (non-project fund) allowance.

In either case, the grinding and paving will take less than one week (mostly likely between 7PM and 5AM), and will be quite noisy for brief periods.

  Double-Cross Delight June 2nd !!
Plan on celebrating the reopening of all four lanes on the bridge approach with Fremont's trolls and a dancing dragon Saturday 6/2 between 1 and 4PM. With live music and giant inflatable play structures on either side of the bridge, there will be lots of fun and cheer for kids of all ages!

More details will be in the next bulletin-but save the date now; this event will be in the finest funky Fremont fashion!

Special Alert! NO Crossings early AM this week!
The Fremont Bridge will be closed to ALL traffic-vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian-between 2AM and 6AM this Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (5/8-5/11).

These wee-hour morning closures are for installation of temporary winches to enable raising the bascule bridge deck when the electrical and mechanical systems are replaced later this year.

That final phase of the project, stretching between this June and Spring 2008, will occasionally require a full closure of the bridge, as the old electro-mechanical assemblies are replaced. Notice of these closures, each of which may require an entire weekend, will be provided in advance.

For More Info
If you have questions or concerns regarding the project please call SDOT Project Manager Lorelei Mesic at 206-684-5178 or Also, businesses may contact Art Brochet at 206-547-1008 or