the word on the street November 3, 2006

East-West Swapped and Just in Time!
Just hours before traffic was to be shifted to the east side of the bridge approach, a marine vessel accidentally broke the concrete sidewalk on the west side of the southern bascule.

This bizarre mishap (caused by the vessel raising rather than lowering its boom as it passed under the lowered bridge) would have made crossing very difficult for pedestrians and cyclists if the swap hadn't been scheduled for that same evening. As it was, a temporary patch made it possible to cross over the hole until the new sidewalk on the east side was opened up hours later.

Demolition Going Faster than Planned
The demolition of the southern approach is complete and crews are now smashing their way north along the much longer northern approach. If Mowat crews keep up this week's pace they may finish taking down, although not crunching up, the old roadway and concrete columns before Thanksgiving. Removal of the last vestiges of the old approach (the steel girders near 34th) will be in December.

Coming to Fremont - A Water Quality Vault
A 30,000-gallon underground vault will be installed underneath the north approach between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. This vault will enable both oil and sediments to be removed from storm water flows, improving the health of our natural waterways.

Girder Placement Closures will be at Night
Mowat Construction is planning on setting the new girders at night again-rather than on a weekend or during commuting hours-near the end of this year. This operation, which requires a temporary closure of the bridge to vehicular traffic, will be similar to last June's girder placement for the east side.

  Nickerson Sidewalk
Along with all the other work south of the Ship Canal, the south-bound right-hand lane is being widened slightly and new curb cuts are being placed for pedestrians and bicyclists along the south approach (at the intersections with Florentia and Nickerson). The old sidewalk has been removed and is scheduled to be replaced-a bit closer to the Nickerson Street Saloon than before-before Thanksgiving.

Head of the Lake Regatta-November 11th/12th
The Washington Ship Canal will become a racecourse on Veteran's Day weekend, with the finish line just west of the Fremont Bridge. Over 2,500 rowers are expected to stroke their way from the Montlake Cut near Husky Stadium, past Gas Works Park to Fremont on Sunday, November 12th. On Saturday the 11th rowing crews will be on the water to familiarize themselves with the 3-mile course. Free shuttle buses will gladly transport the boat-less among us between the multiple viewpoints and parking areas. For details on the race and the weekend long exposition at the Lake Washington Rowing Club, visit:

For More Info
If you have questions or concerns regarding the project please call SDOT Project Manager Lorelei Mesic at 206-684-5178 or Also, businesses may contact Art Brochet at 206-547-1008 or