the word on the street October 6, 2006

Concrete Poured
Although construction was delayed by the recent countywide concrete strike, rapid progress was made on the new decks for the eastern half of the bridge approaches once deliveries resumed. The decks have been poured and stripped and are now being prepared for receiving traffic so that work may begin on the west half of the approaches.

The strike's effect on the overall schedule is not yet clear; rescheduling of the demolition and the girder lifts was constrained by equipment availability and the delay has pushed more work into the wet winter months.

Pre-cast Barriers Lining Up
A new barrier along the outside edge of the new (east) bridge approaches is now being installed. Lifted into place by cranes, the barrier comes in 30-35 foot long sections of pre-cast concrete, each about three-and-half feet high. The barriers, which have architectural detailing typical of the early 1900's, replace the aluminum mesh and tube style pedestrian barrier currently present. Once the new barrier is in place, lighting will be installed and a new sidewalk poured.

Shift of Traffic Planned for October 23rd
The shift of traffic from the west side of the approaches to the soon-to-be-completed east side has been set for the night of Monday October 23rd.

Traffic flows will remain the same after the shift, with one vehicular lane in each direction and a shared bicycle/pedestrian path, all on the new east side of the approaches.

There will still be no turns permitted at 34th Street for northbound vehicles, as the ramp leading onto east-bound 34th Street will remain under construction for several months.

  Webcam Addicts Beware
A real-time view of the project is now available (thanks to the expert assistance of Net Motion Wireless Company) through a link on the project's website

At present the camera looks westward at the northern approach and shows the new deck and barrier with cars zooming past - or not, when the light at North 34th Street is red.

The camera will soon be relocated for an east-facing view of the north approach before demolition begins on the roadway's west half. The Seattle Department of Transportation can assume no liability for citizens' loss of productivity due to the addictive nature of viewing demolition activities via this website. Please observe responsibly.

Trick or Treating in Fremont
Over 100 Fremont retailers and restaurants are expected to participate in Trick-Or-Treat 2006. This annual event is a fun way for costumed children (when accompanied by an adult) to get a head start on their candy collection.

The fun starts at 3PM and will continue until 6PM-or until the goodies run out-on Tuesday (October 31st of course).

For More Info
If you have questions or concerns regarding the project please call SDOT Project Manager Lorelei Mesic at 206-684-5178 or Also, businesses may contact Art Brochet at 206-547-1008 or