the word on the street August 18, 2006

Steel In Place, But No Concrete Available
Work on the bridge approach replacement project has slowed due to a county-wide lack of available concrete. A strike against all four concrete production plants in King County began August 1st, leaving major construction projects in the area, both public and private, without a supply of concrete.

Mowat crews have placed 117 tons of rebar on the east half of the approaches (on top of the new columns and girders), but until concrete starts flowing from the batch plants further progress will be limited.

Once concrete deliveries resume we will revise the project schedule accordingly.

Traffic Will shift to the East Side
The shift of traffic from the west side of the approaches to the soon-to-be-finished east side will take place once the new concrete deck can be poured (and cures).

When this shift to the east does occur, traffic flows will remain the same, with one vehicular lane in each direction and a shared bicycle/pedestrian path, all on the new east side of the approaches.

There will still be no turns permitted at 34th Street for northbound vehicles, as the ramp leading onto east-bound 34th Street will remain under construction for several months.

Enforcement Up in Fremont
The Seattle Police Department has been actively enforcing traffic regulations in the Fremont area, including citations for blocking intersections, failure to stop, and for crossing the bridge with restricted (over 8600 pound) vehicles.

  Stop Sign Added on North 35th Street
After a careful review of the traffic patterns at the corner of North 35th Street and Evanston Avenue North, SDOT has added a new stop sign for east bound traffic.

This intersection is just north of the Red Door and the PCC. Traffic patterns here changed with the conversion of Evanston Avenue between North 35th and North 36th Streets from a one-way into a two-way street, and with the installation of a traffic signal at Evanston and 36th.

So if you're headed east between the Burke Building and ASKO Processing, keep an eye out for the new stop sign.

Oktoberfest Coming!
Final planning is underway for Fremont's biggest autumn event, which will be held September 22nd, 23rd and 24th this year.

Key elements include live music on two stages, a wide assortment of local arts and crafts, the Brew-ha-ha 3 Mile Fun Run, classic carnival rides and everyone's favorite-the Annual Texas Chainsaw Pumpkin Carving Contest, brought to us once again by the fabulous Fremont Arts Council.

To find out more about the event (which raises funds for the Fremont Chamber of Commerce), or to register as a volunteer, go to

For More Info
If you have questions or concerns regarding the project please call SDOT Project Manager Lorelei Mesic at 206-684-5178 or Also, businesses may contact Art Brochet at 206-547-1008 or