the word on the street June 1, 2006

Phase II Begun, Officers Assisting Traffic
Vehicular traffic across the Fremont Bridge is now limited to one lane in each direction, plus a shared pedestrian/bicycle lane. Traffic flow has frequently been assisted by uniformed police officers. Armed with whistles, sidearms and a smile they have been especially helpful in redirecting vehicles weighing more than 8600 pounds to alternative routes. Demolition Underway
Fencing and debris barriers have been placed around the demolition zone and the "rubblization" of the east half of the bridge approaches is now underway. Crews are working from the middle out, breaking up the roadway and dropping columns. The demolition will extend to Nickerson on the south and to 34th on the north. It will also encompass the fenced area where the "People Waiting for the Interurban" statue once stood (and will stand again next spring). Impact Noise Limited to Before 10 PM
The project has been granted a noise variance during demolition, allowing impact tools to be used as late as 10PM (normally limited to 7PM). Work not generating impact noise is allowed 24/7, but is expected to end by 11PM.

One exception is the work of hauling rubble away, which will begin each evening (once traffic has lightened up) and will continue all night long (or until the work area is clear).

Marine Traffic Limited Now As Well
The hours during which the Fremont and Ballard Bridges are restricted from opening for marine vessels have been extended during the morning and evening commutes by one hour. The new "no-open" hours are 7 to 10AM and 3:30 to 6:30PM, at least for vessels displacing less than 1000 tons.

  Full Closures in June: One Sunday, 7 Weeknights
The Fremont Bridge will be closed to ALL traffic (vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians) from 10PM to 6AM on the following weeknights: June 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 27th, 28th and 29th. In addition, the bridge will be closed from noon to midnight on Sunday June 25th, and 34th Street will be closed just east of the intersection with Fremont Avenue North between 6AM on June 25th and 6AM on Monday, June 26th.

Get Yourself a New Commute
Commuting consultants from Metro will be just outside Fremont's PCC in the Solar Café on June 6th, 8th, 15th and 22nd from 11 AM to 1 PM to help Fremonsters explore different means of going to and coming from. Alternatively, you can get ahead of the crowds by going to and/or to sign-up for cash incentives.

22nd Annual Fremont Fun Run on Friday, June 9th
Whether you do the flat 5K route at a dead run or as an easy stroll, this event is a great way to start your summer! Spectators may enjoy the spectacle of the Briefcase Relay Teams (6PM start), the Clydesdale Division participants, and/or the Stroller Division contestants (and passengers).

Register on-line at to benefit the Fremont Public Association's efforts to fight poverty.

For More Info
If you have questions or concerns regarding the project please call SDOT Project Manager Lorelei Mesic at 206-684-5178 or Also, businesses may contact Art Brochet at 206-547-1008 or