Open House next Wednesday at Adobe
The answers to all of life's mysteries will be at SDOT's open house on April 26th from 5 to 8 PM at Adobe's conference center in the Plaza Building at 701 N 34th Street, as long as they have some connection to the Fremont Bridge Approach Project. Come and be enlightened.

Fremont's New Signals Are Coming On Line
The new traffic signal at Phinney and 36th Street has been turned on and is now fully operational, including the new pedestrian crosswalk signals and pushbuttons. The old signal poles will be removed and the sidewalk and curb patched in the next few weeks.

Fremont's other new signals will be similarly activated over the next month, with final patch-up work taking place at those intersections as well.

Please note that the lights at previously un-signaled intersections (36th and Evanston and 36th and Fremont) will be in a flashing mode for the first week - yellow for the principle direction of travel (E-W on 36th at Evanston, N-S on Fremont Avenue at 36th) and red for the secondary direction.

Please pay attention as the signals come on-line, observing the new traffic and turn lane stripes on the pavement. And please be particularly careful of pedestrians in the new crosswalks!

Bridge Way Signals Likely Next Week
The traffic lights for the on and off-ramps for Aurora Avenue at Bridge Way are now scheduled to take over for the all-way stop signs late next week.

The reconfiguration of the NW corner of Bridge Way and Stone Way has started, and will continue until late May, requiring the temporary closure of the west side crosswalk for safety.

  Bridge Traffic Restrictions will Start May 22nd
The project is planned to shift into Phase II on May 22nd (weather permitting). The "Work Down Under and All Around" (aka Phase I) will end and the "Work Up Top, First East, Then West" will commence.

Traffic restrictions on the Fremont Bridge will be: one vehicular lane in each direction, no trucks or buses, a single shared pedestrian/bicycle lane, and no turns for northbound vehicles at 34th Street (east OR west). These measures are needed for the demolition and replacement of the existing approaches and will be in effect until Spring of 2007.

First Full Closures to be on June Weeknights
The Fremont Bridge will be closed to ALL traffic (vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians) at night during the last week in June. Beginning sometime on Sunday June 25th, and for the next 4 nights (typically between 9PM and 6AM), Mowat will be placing girders on the east side of the approaches.

Placement of these (huge) girders by (enormous) cranes may require (temporary) closure of 34th Street on Sunday. Details on traffic impacts will be made available as plans are refined.

This work, originally planned to take place over several weekends, will require a full closure of the bridge for the safety of the public and workers alike.

For More Info
If you have questions or concerns regarding the project please call SDOT Project Manager Lorelei Mesic at 206-684-5178 or Also, businesses may contact Art Brochet at 206-547-1008 or