New Traffic Signals Coming...
New traffic signal poles have been going up along North 36th Street and Fremont Avenue and shiny new signal heads are hanging in places. Crews will be busy connecting the new traffic signals and controllers over the next few weeks prior to activating the new signals, corner by corner throughout April. New traffic and turn lane stripes will be placed to mark the changes just before the switchover to the new signals. Pay extra attention and be extra safe as the switchovers occur!

And Old Crosswalk Going...
As soon as the new signals are working at the intersections of Evanston with 36th and Fremont with 35th-in front of Habitude and Fremont Place Books respectively-the mid-block crosswalk by the Triangle Tavern will be removed. The new arrangement will provide a safer means for pedestrians to cross north-south, while improving vehicular flows at flanking intersections.

Undisclosed Gas Line Found by Backhoe
Crews accidentally broke open a natural gas line at 1:15 PM yesterday afternoon at the six-way intersection of Nickerson Street, Florentia Street and Third Avenue North (just west of the south end of the Fremont Bridge). The Fire Department closed the intersection, and the Seattle Police Department diverted traffic to alternate routes, until gas flow to the broken line was shut off at 4:23 PM.

Crews hit an undisclosed bypass line while diligently avoiding the gas main that had been located. News alerts were promptly sent out and the street closure was widely reported on the radio and TV, but the emergency traffic detour caused delays for many.

  Bridge Way
The future configuration of the traffic routes under the Aurora Bridge at Bridge Way is taking form. The intersections are now controlled by all-way stop signs instead of new traffic signals, but the driving lanes are essentially complete. It is also possible to see where the center median and turning lanes will be between Aurora and Stone Way North.

Work will begin soon at the intersection of Bridge Way and Stone Way North, with significant changes to the curb and sidewalk at the northwest corner.

Open House April 26th - 5 to 8 PM at Adobe
An Open House will be held the evening of April 26th in Adobe's conference center to present information on Phase II of construction. Come to hear traffic restrictions across the bridge, changes to Metro bus routes, the overall project schedule and new and better routes into and through Fremont before Phase II begins in late May or early June.

Party Down on Mother's Day - 5/14
And in case you can't make the Open House, or even if you can, plan on coming to the project's Phase II kick-off celebration event "Bridges to Fremont".

For More Info
If you have questions or concerns regarding the project please call SDOT Project Manager Lorelei Mesic at 206-684-5178 or Also, businesses may contact Art Brochet at 206-547-1008 or