Power Outage - Our Bad
Last Friday afternoon a Mowat worker under the north approach jack-hammered through a concrete duct which carries the 26,000 volt power supply for the Quadrant Lake Union Center. The power cable failed without so much as injuring the (very lucky) laborer who, by the way, was ABSOLUTELY NOT supposed to be doing what he did. Power outages were reported north of the ship canal as far as 10 blocks away. The worker's mother still loves him, no doubt.

Seattle City Light restored power to most Fremont businesses within a few hours, and to the Quadrant Lake Union Center businesses by 1:30 AM Saturday morning.

A second outage, which will only affect the Quadrant Lake Union Center buildings, is needed to remove the failed cable. Affected businesses are being contacted to help ensure impacts are minimized. This 4-6 hour outage will likely be scheduled for a weekend night in late March.

36th Street Work
The western section of the new sidewalk and curb on the south side of North 36th is almost finished, with just the strip next to the building yet to be poured.

Mowat crews have started the removal and replacement of the sidewalk and curb in front of Edge of Glass, High Dive, Railey's, Tst, Habitude and Bitters. This work will continue over the next few weeks.

The ground has dried out enough in the last week that crews have been able to finish up some asphalt and landscaping work on the north side of North 36th Street as well.

  Fremont Avenue
Work installing new traffic signal pole foundations continues at the intersection of North 35th Street and Fremont Avenue and will move north to 39th Street next week.

New traffic signal pole foundations will also be installed on the south side of the ship canal at the intersection of Nickerson and Florentia with 3rd Avenue starting in March.

Bridge Way
On-ramp traffic has been shifted to the new pavement, and work is proceeding on the west side of the entrance to SR 99.

The restriction against east-bound trucks more than 12 feet high crossing under Aurora Avenue at North 38th Street (and the tall-truck detour route to North 46th Street) was delayed and is now scheduled to go into effect next week and will last into April.

Open House April 26th - Save the Date!
The Fremont Bridge Approach Replacement Project will have an Open House the evening of Wednesday, April 26th. Project team members will be on hand to present information related to Phase II of construction, when bridge traffic will be limited to one lane of cars and pick-up trucks in each direction and a single sidewalk, to be shared by bicycles and pedestrians.

For More Info
If you have questions or concerns regarding the project please call SDOT Project Manager Lorelei Mesic at 206-684-5178 or lorelei.mesic@seattle.gov. Also, businesses may contact Art Brochet at 206-547-1008 or art@muirpr.com.