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2008 Arterial Asphalt & Concrete Program

Denny / Western / Elliott / 15th Avenue West Paving Project

10/15/08 Update

Work on the Denny/Western/Elliott/15th Avenue W Paving Project was completed ahead of schedule. The project has reached substantial completion. All paving work has been completed. Only minor restoration, clean up and signal-related work remains.

9/15/08 Update

Phase 4 Paving at Night: Week of Sept 15 – 19


Phase 4: Southbound lanes of Elliott Avenue W/Western/Denny Way from W Galer Street to 1st Avenue N

  • Curb ramps and sidewalks
  • Concrete bus pads
  • Pavement base repairs
  • Paving: night work, 7:00 PM to 6:00 AM; Week of September 15-19; Weather permitting
  • Temporary street closures at Western Avenue and other cross streets during paving work
  • Detours will be posted for temporary street closures; traffic officers will be present

Project Contacts
George Frost, Public Outreach Coordinator,, (206) 615-0786
Connie Zimmerman, Project Manager,, (206) 684-5184


Project Description

Bridging the Gap

This project is part of the “Bridging the Gap” transportation levy approved by Seattle voters in November 2006.

The project includes removal and replacement of asphalt pavement, repair of concrete or brick base beneath the asphalt, construction of concrete bus pads and new or upgraded curb ramps to meet current standards.

To encourage bicycle commuting, this project will also add shared roadway markings, called sharrows; replace many curb inlet grates with “bicycle friendly” grates that will not trap bicycle tires; and add traffic signal detector loops that will detect bikes and vehicles waiting for traffic signals. In addition, sidewalks will be added in sections where they are currently missing to improve pedestrian connections. After paving is completed, street tree planting, signal and ITS improvements will be coordinated by SDOT Urban Forestry and Signal Operations.

In addition, curb lanes in both directions between W. Harrison and W. Armour streets are being converted to Business Access and Transit (BAT) lanes. In general, BAT lanes are reserved for vehicles intending to turn right at the next signaled intersection (or beforehand, into a business driveway) and for those vehicles merging left after turning into a BAT lane. King County Metro transit vehicles are permitted to pass through signaled intersections without turning right (as are bicycles), but other vehicles may be ticketed for doing so. Parking is allowed in the curb lane for most of the day, but the right-hand turn requirement is in effect at all hours.

The BAT lanes are expected to directly benefit the nearly 10,000 bus riders that ride through the area each day with minimal disruption to non-bus traffic. By installing BAT lanes during the paving project now, instead of later, the City and Metro saved significant expense and disruption that would have been required to change the pavement markings in the future.

After paving is completed, street tree planting, signal and ITS improvements are being coordinated by SDOT Urban Forestry and Signal Operations. SDOT is adjusting the timing of traffic signals as needed to maintain or improve the flow of traffic in all lanes.

The work will be done in phases.

Initial work will start in the northbound lanes of the east half of Elliott Ave W at Denny and move north to W Lee Street.

Once the contractor has completed work in the northbound lanes, work will commence in the southbound lanes of the west half of 15th Ave W near the Ballard Bridge and move southward.

Work elements include pavement grinding, curb and sidewalks, pavement base repair, drainage grates, signal detectors, new pavement overlay, and pavement markings for lane configurations, including Business Access and Transit (BAT) lanes.

Project Location

  • Denny Way from 1st Avenue N to Western Avenue N
  • Western Avenue W from Denny Way to W Thomas Street
  • Elliott Avenue W from W Thomas Street to W Galer Street
  • 15th Avenue W from W Galer Street to W Emerson Street/ Ballard Bridge

What to Expect During Construction

  • Lane closures
  • Pedestrian detours
  • Parking restrictions
  • Moderate construction noise and dust
  • Normal work hours will be 7 am – 4 pm, with occasional night time and weekend work
  • Regular notices with more location specific information during construction
  • Click here to read the FAQs

Project Contacts

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