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Delridge-Highland Park Neighborhood Greenway

Creating a network of family-friendly residential streets

Last updated: December 6, 2016

Project Update

Construction of the Delridge-Highland Park Greenway is complete. Thanks for your patience during construction!

Click here and take a few minutes to complete our post-construction communications survey and let us know how we did communicating with the community during construction.

There are still a few minor tasks to complete along the greenway so you may still see crews in the area. Some of this will include:

  • Finish sign installation and road striping
  • Stair installation to complete the pedestrian pathway connecting areas north and south of the cul-de-sac on 17th Ave SW between SW Myrtle and SW Webster Streets
  • Replace temporary handrail with permanent handrail on new stairway on 17th Ave SW
  • Seattle City Light will turn on the new signal at 15th Ave SW and SW Holden St

Natural Drainage System

Construction of the Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) natural drainage system (see Project Description below) along 17th Ave SW from SW Cloverdale Street to SW Thistle Street will be complete as early as Summer 2016.

To stay up to date and to learn more about SPU's Delridge Natural Drainage Systems project, visit the project webpage.

Neighborhood greenways are safer, calmer residential streets for you, your family, neighbors and customers. On streets with low car volumes and speeds, a greenway can:

  • Improve safety
  • Help people cross busy streets
  • Discourage cut-thru traffic
  • Protect the residential character of our neighborhoods
  • Keep vehicle speeds low
  • Get people to where they want to go (e.g., parks, schools, shops and restaurants)

Neighborhood greenways are not car-free zones; they do not add bike lanes; and there are minimal, if any, on-street parking impacts. Learn more about greenways here.



Project Description

The greenway runs north-south, connecting White Center to the West Seattle Bridge trail. The greenway route generally runs along 17th Avenue SW in the south and 21st Avenue SW in the north.

The greenway route was selected based on various factors, including its low car volumes, speeds and collisions, its road grade (or steepness), and input we heard from the community.

SDOT is working with Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) to design curb extensions with natural drainage systems along 17th Avenue SW, between SW Henderson Street and SW Kenyon Street. To learn more about SPU's Delridge Natural Drainage Systems project, check out their webpage.

Completed Greenway Elements

21st Ave SW and SW Myrtle St

Street repaving was done along SW Myrtle between 17th Ave SW and 21st Ave SW.

21st Ave SW and SW Andover St

New and upgraded curb ramps and sidewalk were installed at this location.

21st Ave SW and SW Genesee St

New curb ramps, pavement repair and crosswalk were installed at this intersection.

Intersection south of where 21st Ave SW and 22nd Ave SW merge

New curb ramps, sidewalk, crosswalk and a pedestrian crossing beacon were installed at this intersection.

New and upgraded water drainage systems were installed on either side of the pedestrian beacon just south of where 22nd Ave SW merges with 21st Ave SW.

16th Ave SW and SW Webster St

Almost done! New curbs and curb ramps have been installed and crosswalks will be painted soon.

16th Ave SW and SW Kenyon St

New curbs, curb ramps and crosswalk have been installed at this intersection.

Project Funding

Project design of the neighborhood greenway is locally funded by the nine-year voter-approved Bridging the Gap Levy.

The natural drainage portion of the project is being funded by SPU.

Project Materials

The project reached final design and construction will begin on August 24 and last for approximately six months.

Visit SPU’s Web page to learn more about SPU’s schedule to construct natural drainage infrastructure on 17th Avenue SW in Delridge.

Past Outreach and Materials

Current materials

  • November 2013 open house materials
  • Project Contacts


    Contact Summer Jawson
    Greenways Program, Project Manager
    (206) 684-8264


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