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Delridge Way SW Safety Improvements


The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) plans to reconfigure the lanes on 0.51 mile section of Delridge Way SW from SW Myrtle Street to SW Keynon Street. The objective for changing the lane configuration is to improve safety, reduce speeds, and provide better pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular access. This reconfiguration will be done in 2013 when Delridge Way SW is repaved (between SW Orchard St and SW Roxbury ST, or possibly further) – a project described HERE.

SDOT is working to improve safety for all users of the street including drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users.

The safety improvements and the paving projects are not related to King County Metro’s plans for Delridge Way SW between SW Andover St and SW Oregon St. More information about Metro’s plans can be found HERE.


SDOT proposes to:

  • Change the travel lanes to one travel lane in each direction between SW Myrtle St and SW Kenyon St, making it consistent with the lane roadway north of this section
  • Improve vehicular safety and access by providing a northbound left-turn lane at SW Holden St
  • Improve pedestrian crossings on Delridge Way SW with one less travel lane
  • Install bike lanes between SW Myrtle St and SW Kenyon St on both sides of the street
  • Install bike sharrows between SE Kenyon St to SW Roxbury St
  • Provide approximately 6 additional on-street parking on the east side of Delridge Way SW between SW Holden St and SW Kenyon St


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We expect the new lane configuration to result in motor vehicle speeds that are more in line with the speed limit, improved safety for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists, and wider travel lanes to provide adequate space for motor vehicles.


The reconfiguration of the lanes is scheduled to take place in 2013 in coordination with the paving project. SDOT will keep the community informed by attending the Delridge/West Seattle Town Hall on August 28th, 2012 and updating the DNDC at their meeting on September 19th, 2012. A public open house to talk about the reconstruction and safety improvements will be held on October 2nd, 2012 in the Learning Resource Center at the Chief Sealth High School from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. The school is located at 2600 SW Thistle Street. This project is funded by the “Bridging the Gap” transportation levy approved by Seattle voters in 2006.



Please submit your comments and questions regarding the safety improvements to or call (206) 684-7583 by the September 14 so that SDOT can compile everyone’s comments and provide a response sheet before the public open house. However, we will still continue to take your comments and questions after the date. For questions or project updates on the paving project, please send an e-mail to or visit their website at

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