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Transportation Benefit District

Citizens Transportation Advisory Committee III

Document Library

Agendas, PowerPoints and other CTAC III outreach materials will be posted here as available. In order to conserve resources and minimize waste, handouts are only printed and distributed to CTAC III members at meetings.

CTAC Meetings

Letter to Mayor McGinn and Councilmember Tom Rasmussen
Transportation Projects and Programs
CTAC III Presentation to Seattle Transportation Benefit District

Existing $20 Vehicle License Fee— CTAC III Allocation Recommendation
CTAC III Presentation to City Council Transportation Committee

Survey and outreach summaries

May Transportation Public Workshops
CTAC III Presentation
State of Transportation Presentation
CTAC III Exhibit Boards
Bridging the Gap Exhibit Boards
Workshop Comment Sheet
Workshop Handout

Letter to CTAC III from City Council
Letter to CTAC III from Mayor McGinn

Committee Meetings

July 13, 2011 Meeting
Updated Co-Chair Investment Option Narrative
Draft CTAC III Letter of Recommendation
Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce Recommendations

July 6, 2011 Meeting
070611 CTAC III Meeting Agenda
Co-Chair Investment Option
Co-Chair Investment Option Narrative
Committee Member Investment Option
King County Metro/Link Light Rail Integration and Route 42
070611 CTAC Meeting Summary

June 28, 2011 Meeting
062811 CTAC III Meeting Agenda
SDOT street Preservation Overview
Five Year History of SDOT Grants
SDOT 2011/12 Revenues Adopted Budget
Downtown Streetcar Connector-Cost Range
Bridging the Gap Levy Lid Lift Budget and Actuals
Updated Potential Investment Options

June 21, 2011 Meeting
062111 CTAC III Meeting Agenda
At-a-Glance Public Involvement Summary
Preliminary CTAC Priorities Allocation
Potential Investment Options

June 9, 2011 Meeting
060911 CTAC III Meeting Agenda
Draft $20 Vehicle License Fee Allocation Letter to Mayor/City Council
King County Metro Transit Recommendations
King County Metro Transit Corridor Opportunities
W Seattle Chamber of Commerce/Transportation Coalition Recommendations
Feet First Recommendations
CTAC III Summary of Public Input
060911 CTAC III Meeting Summary

May 12, 2011 Meeting
051211 CTAC III Meeting Agenda
Draft Vehicle License Fee Modification
Neighborhood Greenways Description
Phone Survey Summary
Seattle Parks Foundation Recommendations
King County Strategic Plan for Public Transportation
Opportunities for City Investment to Improve Bus Service
051211 CTAC III Meeting Summary

May 2, 2011 Special Meeting
050211 CTAC III Meeting Agenda
050211 Meeting Summary

April 26, 2011 Meeting
042611 CTAC III Meeting Agenda
Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board Recommendations
Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board Recommendations
Seattle Freight Advisory Board Recommendations
042611 CTAC III Meeting Summary

April 7, 2011 Meeting
040711 CTAC III Meeting Agenda
$20 Vehicle License Allocation Options
Revised Decision Making Process
Capital Improvement Project Prioritization Ranking
040711 CTAC III Meeting Summary

March 29, 2011 Meeting
032911 CTAC III Meeting Agenda
Complete Streets Checklist
Decision Making Process
032911 CTAC III Meeting Summary

March 15, 2011 Meeting
031511 CTAC III Meeting Agenda
2011 Vehicle License Fee Allocations
Transportation Revenue Instruments
CTAC Survey Themes
Draft Community Engagement Plan
031511 CTAC III Meeting Summary

February 17, 2011 Meeting
021711 CTAC III Meeting Agenda
Key Milestones
Proposed CTAC III Work Schedule
Community Engagement Framework
Climate Action and Transportation Strategic Plan Presentation
021711 CTAC III Meeting Summary

February 1, 2011 Meeting
020111 CTAC III Meeting Agenda
020111 CTAC III Meeting Summary

Powerpoint presentations

CTAC Work plan

City Budget

SDOT Budget

Seattle Comprehensive, Climate Action and Transportation Strategic Plans

Possible CTAC III Community Engagement Packages

Bicycle, Pedestrian and Freight Plans

Transit Communities Report

Complete Streets Overview

Bridging the Gap Overview

SDOT’s Operations and Maintenance Overview

Prioritization of Investments

Transit Master Plan Update

CTAC Phone Survey Topline Information

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Vehicle Miles Traveled


The Transportation Fees Are Coming

Committee selected to advise Mayor and City Council on transportation priorities and funding options

West Seattle Chamber’s question for you: What’s our #1 transportation problem

Committee explores transportation priorities

Seattle asks residents for transportation suggestions


 2010 SDOT Annual Report

Citywide Comprehensive Plan

Transportation Strategic Plan

Complete Streets Ordinance

Bicycle Master Plan

Pedestrian Master Plan

Asset Management Program

2005 Seattle Transit Plan and Transit Master Plan Development

Seattle Climate Action Plan

Seattle Transit Communities Report

Transit Master Plan Briefing Book

Four Cities Model for Seattle



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