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Citizens Transportation Advisory Committee III - Get Involved

Gathering Community Input

It’s no secret that there are more transportation needs than funding. To help prioritize the work that the Seattle Department of Transportation does and recommend funding sources, the Mayor and City Council have convened the Citizen’s Transportation Advisory Board (CTAC) III.

Over the last few months, the CTAC reviewed the city’s transportation needs and funding system. They are now starting to work on a recommendation. Guidance from city stakeholders was critical so that CTAC could make well informed decisions. Below is a summary of the how the public was invited to get involved.

  1. About 400 people responded to a phone survey.

  2. Over 2,000 people participated in an online survey.

  3. Six roundtables focusing on social justice (2), business and freight, public health and mobility issues, neighborhood interests and environmental needs were held during the months of April and May. Read the summary to learn about input received.

  4. About 130 people total attended three public workshops during the month of May. Workshops were held in the south, north and central portions of Seattle. If you were unable to attend, you can view the presentations here. Read the summary and comments to learn about input received.

  1. Briefings were made at the Freight Advisory Board, Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board and Immigrant and Refugee Board and letters were received from the following organizations: Freight Advisory Board, Port of Seattle, Seattle Parks Foundation, Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board and Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board.

  2. Seven social justice phone interviews were made to supplement the social justice roundtables. Read the summary to learn more.

  3. Two focus groups held to learn more about the perception of transportation in Seattle. Read an overview of key themes here.

Read the Community Engagement Plan to learn more about the outreach process. All public input is shared with the CTAC at their bi-weekly meetings.

Questions? Contact Dawn Schellenberg, SDOT at, or call 206.684.5189.

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