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Taking Action to Reduce Climate-Changing Pollution


  • Bridging the Gap - A nine year, $365 million transportation levy to decrease maintenance backlog, keep four major projects moving forward and invest in transit service, bike trails, and sidewalks.

  • Pedestrian Program - Walking is the oldest and most efficient, affordable, and environmentally-friendly form of transportation.

  • Pedestrian Master Plan - SDOT is drafting a Pedestrian Master Plan to encourage walking and minimize the number and severity of crashes.

  • Bicycle Program - A program establishing a bicycle network linking neighborhoods and activity centers, as well as providing connections with recreational and natural areas.

  • Bicycle Master Plan - A plan that prioritizes projects, emphasizes safety and helps us meet our goal of tripling the amount of bicycling in Seattle over the next decade.

  • Center City Parking Program - Strategies for accommodating off-street short-term parking that is easy to use, and encourages visitors and shoppers to come Downtown while freeing up on-street space to move people.

  • Seattle Streetcar Network Concept - Now that the South Lake Union Streetcar is up and running, other corridors are being considered for possible routes to create a streetcar network.

  • RapidRide - SDOT is making signal and road investments on the Ballard, West Seattle and Aurora corridors to support bus rapid service.

  • Sound Transit Link Light Rail - By 2009, light rail will operate from Downtown Seattle to Sea-Tac Airport and an extension to the University of Washington and ultimately Northgate being built.

  • Seattle Transit Connections - A master plan guiding transit investment based on land use. Our goal is to have bus service at least every 15 minutes, 18 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • Urban Forestry - Learn more about the Urban Forest Management Plan and our goal to increase Seattles tree canopy cover by two-thirds over the next 30 years.

Get Involved

  • In Motion - Save money, be part of the transportation solution and reduce stress! Help our City reduce one million miles of car trips.

  • One Less Car Challenge - Reap the benefits of getting out of your car and explore other healthy travel choices today.

  • Commute Seattle - Support programs ensuring an accessible and economically competitive Center City by working toward the goal of a six percent decrease in commuters driving alone by 2015.

SDOT is building a sustainable transportation system - find out more!

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