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Center City Parking Program: Innovative Parking Solutions

SDOT recognizes the critical role parking plays in our economy and is actively working with stakeholders on better ways to provide short-term visitor and customer parking in downtown Seattle. We are working on the challenge of Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall replacement and preparing for future growth through programs and projects that aim to make the most efficient use of existing on-street and on-street parking in the downtown and surrounding neighborhoods.

The Center City Parking Program is SDOT’s effort to address changes to on-street parking in the Center City over the next several years with new marketing, way-finding and technology measures.

These measures are summarized in the Center City Parking Program, which is a variety of strategies that aim to provide easy-to-access off-street short-term parking with transparent pricing that keeps the Center City moving and contributes to a sustainable transportation system.


In 2007, SDOT began working with the Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall Replacement project, a group of national and international experts, and a local Parking Advisory Committee to use data from the Center City Parking Program Technical Report to develop a Center City Parking Program Workplan, published in 2008. Several strategies are being implemented.

Comments or questions on the Center City Parking Program?

Contact Meghan Shepard, Program Manager, 206-684-4208 or email

Center City Parking Program Projects:

e-Park, Seattle’s electronic parking guidance system

e-Park is SDOTs innovative digital wayfinding program to improve and promote short-term parking in Seattles Center City. Seattles electronic parking guidance system uses dynamic message signs to provide shoppers, visitors and tourists with real-time space availability and direction from main access roads to available parking spaces. The program aims to reduce traffic congestion and vehicle-generated pollution as motorists spend less time circling, looking for a vacant parking space. e-Park data feeds the comprehensive downtown parking resource  

Both e-Park and are available as mobile-friendly websites.  Bookmark them to your smartphone today!

Questions on e-Park?

Contact Michael Solheim, Project Manager, 206-733-9956 or email

Central Business District (CBD) Curbspace Study

If you visit, live or work in downtown Seattle, you rely on the curb to get off a bus, park a car, relax in a parklet or grab a carshare vehicle.  There is a lot of competition for the cub, and more to come.  In early 2015, SDOT is studying how to assign downtown curbspace efficiently and consistently in a CBD Curbspace Study

Questions about the CBD Curbspace Study?

Contact Meghan Shepard, Project Manager, 206-684-4208; or Rebecca Edmonds, Deputy Project Manager, 206-684-5104;

2014 Downtown Off-Street Parking Study

In June 2014, SDOT surveyed parking supply and occupancy in downtown parking lots and garages.  The purpose of the study was to supplement off-street data collected every few years by the Puget Sound Regional Council.  In addition to collecting day-time parking information, the SDOT Downtown Off-Street Parking Study also collected evening and weekend occupancy information.  The technical report shares the study methodology and findings.    

Questions about the Downtown Off-Street Parking Study?

Contact Meghan Shepard, Project Manager, 206-684-4208 or email 

Seattle Parking Map

SDOT has an online map tool providing citywide on-street and off-street parking information. The Seattle Parking Map helps visitors and residents learn more about different parking garage options and street parking regulations. Whether you’re looking for parking for a night out in Belltown, a stroll through Seward Park, or a residential parking permit on Capitol Hill, the map will help arm you with parking information that may better inform your transportation decisions.

Questions about the Seattle Parking Map?

Contact Mary Catherine Snyder, Project Manager, 206-684-8110 or email

Commercial Vehicle Loading Zone Pricing Pilot

SDOT is currently evaluating new strategies for managing commercial vehicle load zones (CVLZs) in downtown Seattle. Specifically, the pricing pilot project will look at how technology and pricing strategies can make more efficient use of CVLZs Downtown. During the pilot, SDOT may also review potential policy changes to the CVLZ program to ensure it is operating efficiently. This pilot project is funded by a grant from the Federal Highway Administration. More information is available on the project website.

Questions about the CVLZ Project?

Contact Mary Catherine Snyder, Project Manager, 206-684-8110 or email


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