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Transit Improvements for NW Market and 45th Streets More on the Way

November 2016

Check back Winter 2017 for new information on the Route 44 corridor, including revised improvements and upcoming neighborhood outreach!

Route 44 Enhancements Study   

A study of additional improvements along the Market Street/45th Street corridor was completed by HNTB in June 2015. The report, including concept designs and cost estimates focuses on potential transit priority features along Metro Route 44, and provides recommended spot improvements along the portion of the corridor west of Interstate 5, at intersections causing delays for both transit and general purpose vehicles. Two low-cost projects are being considered for further design and development:

  • Revise N 45th Street & Wallingford Avenue Intersection Approach and Signal Phasing: Wallingford Avenue N, which jogs to the left as it crosses N 45th Street, uses a split-phase signal to accommodate traffic movements from the north or south. This has provided equal signal lengths to both north/south (Wallingford Avenue N) and east/west (N 45th Street), despite more than double the amount of traffic in the east/west direction. Prohibiting certain movements through the intersection (southbound through and left turn movements and eastbound left turn movements) and adding new signal phases (southbound dedicated right turn phase and westbound protected-permissive westbound left turn phase) will allow an increase signal green time for east-west traffic on N 45th Street, thereby providing time savings to both Route 44 and general purpose vehicles. Additionally, relocating the western crosswalk to the center of the intersection will help improve pedestrian connectivity through the busy intersection.

    Figure 1: Restricting southbound traffic to right turns only and relocating the westernmost North/South crosswalk will help to ease congestion through the intersection at N 45th Street & Wallingford Avenue N

  • Extend N Midvale Place Transit Lane (Queue Jump): A transit-only lane was installed westbound on N Midvale Place in 2012, from N 45th Street to Green Lake Way N, in order to improve the speed and reliability of Route 44 through the area. Extending the transit-only lane back to Stone Way N would further improve transit speed, possibly providing a savings of up to 30 seconds per bus trip during congested conditions.

    Figure 2: Extending the transit-only lane to Stone Way N and realigning N 45th to intersect N Midvale Place at the existing triangular island will decrease travel time for Route 44 through the area.

The report also studied potential Route 44 corridor improvements between Interstate 5 and 15th Avenue NE. They will require further study and will likely be more expensive to implement.

Click Here for information on previous projects and improvements along this corridor.

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