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Thorton Creek at Decatur Elementary School sidewalk project
NE 77th Street from 40th to 43rd Avenues NE

July 20 , 2009

Construction Update

7/20/2009: This project is complete.

Click for larger version of map

Note: Construction will begin May 20, 2009

The Wedgwood Community Council secured a grant for sidewalk improvements on the north side of NE 77th Street between 40th Ave NE and 43rd Ave NE. The project will include:

  • Enlarging the existing sidewalk to the citys standard 6 foot width
  • Installing curbs and planting additional trees in the three pull out areas
  • Restoring on-street parking
  • Installing a bus load/unload zone on the eastern side of NE 77th Street
  • Installing curb ramps where necessary

In addition, SDOT has worked with Seattle Public Utilities to install a natural drainage system next to the eastern half of the sidewalk project.  This green infrastructure will take water that would traditionally go into pipes and allow it to permeate into the planting strip to support plants and trees. 

The project was designed in 2008 and will be built in spring or summer of 2009. 

Project Manager
Thérèse Casper
Seattle Department of Transportation
(206) 684-8764

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