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Large Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) Projects: Fairview Ave E and Fairview Ave N Intersection

This project is complete

Project Overview

The Eastlake neighborhood plan identified safety improvements for the intersection of Fairview Ave E and Fairview Ave N and secured funding through the Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop and the Neighborhood Street Fund (funded by the Bridging the Gap levy). For more information on the loop please visit

The project goals are to:

  • Realign intersection to improve safety and shorten pedestrian crossing distance
  • Preserve as much parking as is feasible
  • Close the existing gap in pedestrian and bicycle facilities by providing a trail that connects to the existing gravel trail to the north and to the Fairview Ave Bridge to the south

Project Location

Fairview Ave E between Fairview Ave N and E Blaine Street

Project Description

As part of the Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop Trail, the project will build a 6 foot asphalt walkway along the waterside of Fairview Ave E and connect to the existing asphalt walkway at E Blaine Street.

Safety improvements will be made at the intersection of Fairview Ave E and Fairview Ave N:

  • Squaring up the intersection to reduce the crossing distance for pedestrians crossing Fairview Ave E
  • Building sidewalk on either side of the intersection
  • Reducing the southbound lane width of Fairview Ave N
  • Adding on-street parking to Fairview Ave N in the project area
  • Adding bicycle facilities along Fairview Ave N

Project Schedule:

2011 April-May: 60% Design
2011 June: 90% Design
2011 October/November: 100% Design
2012 January/February: Advertise
2012 Summer: Construction Begins

Project Contact

To have a project team member contact you about this project please call 206-257-2273.

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