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Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) Overview
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Large Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) Projects: Othello Street

This project is complete.

Project Overview

S Myrtle/Othello Street is an east-west arterial that connects the Seward Park and Brighton neighborhoods with Othello Park, Othello Station, New Holly, Beacon Hill and Georgetown (further to the west).

Residents of these communities have been advocating for improvements along S Myrtle/Othello Street since 2009 and successfully obtained funding through the Neighborhood Street Fund in 2010.  This project will significantly improve safety and mobility for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles along the corridor.

The project will have two distinct aspects: the street improvement of Othello between Rainier and Seward Park Avenues South and the re-channelization of South Myrtle/Othello Street between Rainier and Beacon Hill Avenues South.

Street Improvement

South Othello Street between Rainier Avenue South & Seward Park Avenue South is an asphalt road bordered by gravel which currently lacks any curbs or a planting strip.  The reconstruction of the roadway will add these elements and as well as rebuild the driveways to match the new driving surface elevation. 

Construction on this element of the project is expected to begin the week of July 9, with mobilization as early as July 5, and last about 5-6 weeks.  More details are available in this construction notice which were distributed door to door in advance of construction activities.


South Myrtle and Othello Streets between Beacon and Rainier Avenues South will be re-striped to reduce speeding and the potential for accidents. It will also enable a better balance between motor vehicle, bus and freight traffic with pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

The new lane configuration will have one travel lane in each direction for the entire corridor.  In addition, there will be a two-way left turn lane in the center of the roadway for driveway, business and side street access between 32nd Ave. S. & Martin Luther King Jr. Way South. 

In addition, street improvements are being added to South Othello Street between Rainier Avenue South and Seward Park Avenue South, covered in this construction notice

The re-channelization is expected to take a few days, but it must take be done when the weather is dry.  It is expected to take place sometime in July or August. 

Parking Changes

Parking will be permanently removed from the north side of S. Myrtle/Othello between

  • 46th Ave S. and Rainier Ave. S.
  • Beacon Avenue South and 32nd Ave. South

Parking will also be permanently removed from the south side of S. Othello between

  • 46th Ave S. and 45th Ave. S.

Parking will changed from angled (or even nose-in) to parallel parking between Seward Park Avenue S. and Rainier Avenue S. on both the north and south side of S. Othello St.

Bicycle Lane / Sharrow Additions

A new west-bound bicycle-only travel lane will be added to the north side of Othello from Seward Park Avenue South to Beacon Avenue South.  New east-bound bicycle-only travel lanes will be added between Beacon Avenue S. and 39th Avenue S. and between Rainier Avenue S. and Seward Park Avenue S.  The section in between, from 39th Ave to S. to Rainier Avenue S. will be a shared bicycle/vehicular lane marked with sharrows.


This link leads to a digest of questions that you and your neighbors asked, along with answers from the SDOT project team.  (Updated 6/2012) 

If you have other questions or concerns about the project, please send them to SDOT’s Project Manager Therese Casper at:

Outreach History
An open house was held in November 2011 at the New Holly Gathering Hall at which about 80 people attended.  Their comments and suggestions helped SDT to improve the design of the Myrtle/Othello project in several respects:

  1. two new marked crosswalks at 38th Ave S and 43rd Ave S. will be installed
  2. a right-turn only lane (except transit) westbound on S Othello Street at Martin Luther Jr. Way will be installed

SDOT also met with property owners in the area of the street improvements in the winter of 2011.



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