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Georgetown Festival Street

June 9, 2014

Project Update

The design for the Georgetown Festival Street is nearing a 50 milestone, following the guidance established by the eight-member Citizen Advisory Group in April. The design will feature a raised concrete section of roadway – level with the sidewalk – on S Vale Street just west of the intersection with Airport Way S.  This raised section – perhaps 45 feet long including the inclines on either side – will define one end of the Festival Street while a raised crosswalk on 12th Avenue S just north of S Bailey Street will define the other.

The length of 12th Avenue S will be repaved and restriped and the sidewalk and driveway repaired or replaced as needed. The width of the street will not change much, but the back-in angle parking will be on the west side of 12th Avenue S at the north and south thirds of the Festival Street and on the east side in the middle. This arrangement will discourage cut-through traffic, slow vehicles down due to limited sight lines, and provide both back-in angle and parallel parking in both directions.

The design team will be meeting with the Advisory Group on June 16th to obtain further input on various aspects of the design and will meet again at both 90 percent and prior to finalization to ensure the community’s collective vision is realized. Construction will be in 2015, as originally planned. 

Click here to view the preferred concept.

Project Overview

Just what IS a Festival Street?  A festival street is a public place that has been designated for recurring temporary closure to vehicular traffic use for the purpose of pedestrian-oriented special activities.

The Georgetown Festival Street will be on 12th Avenue S between Vale (All-City Coffee) and S Bailey Street (at the end of the block – past the overpass).  It will also include S Vale Street between 12th Avenue S and Airport Way S.

Project Background

Residents of Georgetown requested improvements to the street and successfully obtained funding through the Neighborhood Street Fund in 2012. The neighborhood’s goal is to integrate traffic calming and create a more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly space that can be closed easily for neighborhood festivals throughout the year.

The project will get street and sidewalk repairs, pedestrian lighting, maybe a raised crosswalk and we’re not sure what else. Other elements that may be considered are:

  • On street bike corral(s)
  • Tree pits and street trees
  • Replacement of brick pavement under asphalt with new base
  • Green Stormwater Infrastructure Improvements

Public Involvement

A Citizens Advisory Committee is working with the project designers to review options for the scope and character of the Festival Street.

We will also hold an Open House for the public once the design is near completion, probably late in 2014.

In addition, there will be a 1 percent for Art commissioned art element. Chris McMullen, Georgetown artist extraordinaire, was recently selected to create this piece.

Project Schedule:

50% Design June 2014
90% Design October 2014
Final Design November 2014
Advertise December 2014
Construction Spring or Fall 2015

Project Contacts

Art Brochet, Public Information Officer,, 206-615-0786

Thérèse Casper, SDOT Project Manager, or (206) 684-8764

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