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Alki Sidewalk (Alki Ave SW between 65th Ave SW & Beach Drive SW)

July 20, 2009

Construction Update

July 20, 2009 This project is complete. Click here to view pictures.

May 20, 2009 Construction of the sidewalk along Alki Ave SW has been progressing. However, it has been slower than originally anticipated due to utility relocations including a gas line and utility replacement including a portion of the existing storm drain at the southern end of the project area. In addition, water meter adjustments took longer than expected.

The raised crosswalk at the eastern end of the project area is complete as well as the sidewalk to Point Place SW. The remaining sidewalk will be poured Thursday and Friday. All major elements should be complete by early June with a few locations remaining in construction as final utility work is done.

4/30/2009 Adjusting water meters has delayed some of the concrete work. The contractor will be pouring concrete next week along the northern segment of the project.

3/12/09 Alki Sidewalk Improvements to Start March 16

The Seattle Department of Transportation’s contractor plans to begin construction of Alki Avenue SW sidewalk improvements on Monday, March 16.

The project will fill in gaps in the sidewalks along the water side of Alki Avenue SW, just west of Alki Beach to Beach Drive SW, providing a safe, accessible pedestrian walkway while minimizing impacts to parking and adjacent properties. In addition, improvements will be made to the intersection of Alki Ave SW and 63rd Ave SW to more clearly define the desired direction of arterial traffic.

The construction is expected to take eight to ten weeks, depending on the weather, and will be done in three phases. The first phase will be from Beach Drive SW to 3101 Alki Ave SW. The second phase will be from 3089 Alki Ave SW to the project limits just west of Alki Beach. The third phase will be improvements to the intersection at Alki Ave SW and 63rd Ave SW.

Parking will be restricted in the area under construction. Access to driveways will be maintained. Affected handicapped spaces will be temporarily relocated as needed during construction. On-street parking will be available overnight when safety considerations allow. Parking is also available at the parking lot in front of the lighthouse.

Work hours will typically be from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

For more information, please contact Thérèse Casper,,
(206) 684-8764.

3/5/09 Depending on weather, construction is scheduled to begin Monday, March 16 at the south end of the project area (near Beach Drive SW). The contractor will be restricting parking throughout the project site as needed for construction and will notify adjacent property owners by installing no parking signs 3 days prior to construction.

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has been working with the Alki Community Council (ACC) to fill in the sidewalk gaps along the waterside of Alki Avenue SW just west of Alki Beach to Beach Drive SW. The ACC requested this project through the Neighborhood Street Fund. The goals of the project are to provide a safe, accessible pedestrian walkway while minimizing impacts to parking and adjacent properties. The project is in final design and will be constructed in 2009.

SDOT held an open house in April 2008 to get feedback on the initial sidewalk concept.

Click here for final plans (updated 2/17/09)
Click here for the presentation.
Click here for the comment card results.
Click here to see Alki Ave SW & 63rd Ave SW intersection improvement
Click here to read the letter from SDOT Director Grace Crunican.

For more information, please contact Sandra "Sam" Woods at (206) 733-9408 or

Alki Sidewalk Project

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