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Sidewalk Development Program: S Orcas St

Work is currently scheduled to begin shortly after Labor Day.  Check back for updates.

Project Area

SDOT is planning to build a new sidewalk on the south side of S Orcas St between the Chief Sealth Trail and 32nd Avenue S during the summer of 2012.  Please click here to see the project plans. 

Project purpose and funding

This project has been selected using the Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan, which is a long-term master plan to make Seattle the most walkable city in the nation.  The new sidewalk will connect to another new sidewalk which will be built through the Neighborhood Project Fund (NPF).  More information about the NPF project is available here.

Both projects are part of the “Bridging the Gap” transportation levy approved by Seattle voters in November 2006.

For questions regarding sidewalk project selection using the Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan, please contact Doug Cox, 684-8264, 

Project elements

  • Building a new concrete sidewalk (with planter strip in some locations)
  • Installing ADA compliant wheelchair ramps
  • Rebuilding driveways
  • Planting trees, grass seed or groundcovers where possible

What to expect during construction

  • Temporary driveway closures (5-7 days)
  • Parking and loading restrictions near work zones
  • Selective tree and vegetation removal
  • Traffic and pedestrian detours
  • Moderate construction noise and dust




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