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Current Bridge Painting Projects


Fremont Bridge Painting Project

Crews have completed work on the northern span, using double shifts for a period to get back on schedule after some of the inclement weather we all suffered.  However, they took a 2 week break over the holidays, alleviating what might have been extra pressure on Fremont’s shoppers and revelers.

The painters are currently stringing cables and placing scaffolding beneath the southern span.  This is to support the environmental containment needed before grinding and blasting rust off the steel below the bridge deck.  The familiar enclosure of scaffolding and plastic will be in place soon, for preparation, priming and painting of the southern span over the coming months. 

As before, crews will occasionally need to close the walkway and bike lane on one side of the bridge or the other (but never both) during off-peak travel hours.  Cyclists are strongly encouraged to use the side kept open rather than join the vehicular travel lane across the center span: it can be hard to keep your balance on the steel grid here even when it is dry – doubly so when it is wet.  Vehicle lanes will also be closed when necessary for work activities.  These closures are also during off-peak hours: before 3PM in the northbound direction and between 10AM and 3PM in the southbound direction.   

There will be pair of full bridge closures in the wee hours this weekend and the next.  These closures will enable crews to access the area underneath and behind the counter-weight for the bridge’s southern span.  The southern span will be raised and kept upright between midnight and 7AM on Saturday and Sunday morning on January 10, 11, 17 and 18 except for just long enough to allow pedestrians and bicyclists to cross at 1:20AM and 2:20AM.  Cars, trucks and buses will be detoured around the Fremont Bridge between midnight and 7AM on these 4 nights.  (Just to be clear this is the wee hours of the morning following Friday and Saturday nights.)

Fremont Bridge Painting Project

Project Description

The Fremont Bridge is the 2014 site in SDOT’s Annual Bridge Painting Program, an ongoing asset preservation effort that provides for the periodic painting of each of the City’s 20 structural steel bridges. The painting will provide for enhanced aesthetic appeal as well as protect the steel bridge elements for many years against corrosion and other weather deterioration.

The 2014 bridge painting project is for the bascule portion of the bridge. The bascule is the main portion of the bridge where the roadway can be raised to allow passage for boats and ships.  The concrete bridge approaches, which were replaced in 2008, do not require painting. 

The project includes:

  • pressure washing, removing rust and damaged paint
  • applying primer paint where necessary
  • painting all of the structural steel
  • painting all of the exposed steel accessories to the bridge spans (e.g., stairways, ladders, catwalks, handrails, towers, doorways and utility pipes and junction boxes). Not included will be the bridge deck grating and any utility that is galvanized, asbestos-wrapped, or otherwise not painted in its existing condition.
  • matching the existing paint colors (blue and orange)

Due to bridge openings for boat traffic, and the necessity of a traffic lane closure for the bridge painting work, there will be some days and times where traffic delays will be significant.

In order to paint areas of the bridge that are not accessible when the spans are in the down position (open to traffic), it will be necessary to implement full bridge closures at times. The full bridge closures will be from from 12AM (midnight) to 7AM on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The work is weather-dependent and will be rescheduled in the event of rain. Directional signs will be provided for detour routes. Full bridge closures are scheduled for:

  • September 6-7
  • September 13-14

There will be two 5 minute long opportunities for pedestrians and bicycle riders to cross the bridge at 1:20 and 2:20AM on these dates.  Vehicles will not be able to cross and must use the detour route provided.

As soon as work in the northeast quadrant of the bridge progresses, a southbound lane will also be closed between 10AM and 3PM Monday through Friday.

Project Schedule

7/7/14 –Notice to Proceed and the contractor mobilizes on site.

8/6/14 – First (ceremonial) brush stroke on the Bridge by Fremont Chamber of Commerce Board Member at 11AM

9/2/14 – Begin planned 7AM – 3PM closure of single curbside (northbound) traffic lane and adjacent (east side) walkway. This northbound lane closure will be Monday – Friday and last several weeks.

9/6, 7, 13 and 14 – No traffic will be allowed across the Fremont Bridge between 12AM (midnight) – 7AM on Saturday and Sunday. Vehicles and bicycles will be detoured to cross the Ship Canal at the Ballard Bridge.

9/19 – 9/21/14 – Fremont Oktoberfest

What to Expect During Construction

Traffic lane closures during daytime, off-peak travel hours

Longer delays for vehicular traffic after bridge openings

Sidewalk closures concurrent with lane closures

Occasional weekend early morning bridge closures to all traffic – requiring detours

Moderate construction noise

Normal work hours of 6AM to 4PM with occasional night time and weekend work

Construction updates provided by SDOT during construction

If you have any specific questions about the project, please contact Art Brochet, Communications Lead, , (206) 615-0786



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