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East Marginal Way @ Horton St. Bridge Rehabilitation/Replacement Project

Updated: 09/16/2011

Project/Construction Updates

The E. Marginal Way @ S. Horton project has now reached substantial completion. The bypass road has been removed and the new asphalt roadway has opened. We appreciated your patience while this critical project, funded by Bridging the Gap, was under construction.

East Marginal Way S between Hanford Street and S Horton Street is closed to all traffic for this project, and the bypass route just to the west, on Port of Seattle property, is now open.  As a safety precaution, the speed limit on the bypass route is reduced.

The closure is being implemented to allow the demolition of an existing on-grade bridge that has reached the end of its’ useful life. The contractor, working for SDOT, plans to begin the demolition work immediately after the closure.  The contractor expects to have the new surface road open to traffic by early September. (See a map with the bypass route.)

This project is being coordinated with other nearby construction to reduce traffic disruptions as much as possible. (See the City of Seattle Web site for more information about the coordination.)

Project History

E Marginal at Horton
E.Marginal Way @ Horton Street Bridge looking North
The East Marginal Way at Horton St. Bridge is located in the South Downtown district of Seattle, at the east edge of the Port of Seattle's Terminal 28 and offers street traffic between South Horton Street and South Hinds Street. The roadway structure is a timber pile supported concrete apron that was originally constructed for the Port of Seattle in 1931. The apron has a length of 498 feet and a nominal width of 56 feet in the main roadway section.

In the early 1970's, the Port of Seattle changed the usage of Terminal 28 from a slip for berthing cargo ships to a filled area to accommodate storage for containerized cargo. This change in usage resulted in filling of the slip and also filling of the space below the apron.

Project Description

The primary focus of the project is to eliminate an outdated bridge that has reached the end of its useful life. The project will demolish the existing roadway and all vestiges of the bridge structure, remove the existing pile caps, back-fill the cavity that will then be exposed, and construct a new asphalt roadway.

The elimination of the bridge will produce long term benefits and cost savings by ending the cycle of bridge maintenance at this location.

This project is part of the larger SODO and Spokane St. Viaduct improvements that will occur prior to the start of the solution to the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

Project Schedule

The project began design in November 2009. It was advertised for competitive bids in May 2011 and expected to be fully completed by September, 2011. The duration of construction is expected to last 2-3 months. Starting in mid June, the bridge will be closed to all traffic, and a bypass route will be provided to the west, along Port of Seattle property. As a safety precaution, the speed limit on the bypass route will be reduced. The contractor plans to begin work at the site on June 6, starting with the construction of the bypass route. After the bypass route is in place the contractor will close the bridge and begin demolition of the existing structure.

Environmental Considerations

SDOT conducted an environmental review of the E. Marginal Way @ Horton St. Project and determined the project will not have significant adverse environmental impacts.  A State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Determination of Nonsignificance was issued August 16, 2010. The environmental review considered potential impacts related to ground disturbance, air and water quality, plants and wildlife, hazardous materials, land use, transportation, and cultural and historic resources, among other things. 

The project is currently being reviewed as a Categorical Exclusion under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) by the Washington State Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration.  SDOT expects to receive approval under NEPA by the end of February. 

If you have any questions regarding this process please feel free to contact:  Mark Mazzola, SDOT environmental coordinator, at 206-733-9117 or

Public Outreach

We are working closely throughout the project with local government, institutions, community groups and businesses, as well as transportation agencies and nearby neighbors, to gather information and help ease construction impacts.

During construction we plan to continue to provide information about the project to the public and keep neighbors engaged through regular e-mail updates. To join our e-mail list, send an e-mail to

Questions or comments?

Contact the SDOT Project Team:

Terry Plumb
Project Manager

Maribel Cruz
Outreach Coordinator

Project Funding

The project is funded by Bridging the Gap , a nine-year levy for transportation maintenance and improvements. The $365 million levy was passed by Seattle voters in November 2006. The goal of the program is to create a strong foundation for Seattle’s transportation future by reducing the infrastructure backlog and investing in major transportation projects. The E. Marginal Way @ Horton St. Project is currently budgeted to cost approximately $4 million.

fhwa_logo.jpg In addition, SDOT proactively sought and secured additional funding for the E. Marginal Way @ Horton St. Project through the Federal Highway Bridge Program (HBP). HBP provides funding for the replacement and rehabilitation of deficient bridges and large preventative maintenance projects.



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