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Bicycle Trail Etiquette

All users of trails

Show courtesy to other trail users at all times.

Use the right side of the trail except when otherwise designated.

Always pass on the left.

Respect the rights of property owners.

Keep dogs on leash (maximum length 8 feet) and remove pet feces from trail.


Municipal Code 11.44.120, County Code and State Code. You are responsible for the safe operation of your vehicle under City, County, and State Codes.

Yield to pedestrians.

Give audible warning when passing pedestrians or other bicyclists.

Ride at a safe speed. Slow down and form a single file in congested conditions, reduced visibility, and other hazardous conditions.


Stay to the right side of the trail except when otherwise designated.

Watch for other trail users.

Be especially alert when running.

Listen for audible signals and allow faster trail users (runners and bicyclists) to pass safely.

See selected provisions of the Seattle traffic code for more information.

Have you "outgrown" the Burke Gilman Trail?

If you travel faster than congested conditions on the trail safely permit, try the alternate signed route on Sand Point Way NE. If you are ready to explore the great network of on-street riding opportunities, we suggest you call the Cascade Bicycle Club Hotline. By meeting other cyclists and improving your skills, you can expand the range and safety of your cycling. The Hotline can help you find out about local rides, bicycling events, and classes. Call 522-BIKE for a recorded message, and to leave your message.

For more information about the Seattle Bicycle & Pedestrian Program, call (206) 684-7583.
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