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SW Admiral Way: Multimodal Roadway Improvements

Improvements to be made on SW Admiral Way

Work is to begin in mid to late September 2010. In early September residents on SW Admiral Way between SW Olga St and SW City View St will receive door hangers regarding temporary parking restrictions.


In July 2010 SDOT put forth a proposal to make multimodal safety improvements to SW Admiral Way. During a public open house held July 13th, 2010 and during the subsequent 2 week public comment period we heard from over 70 citizens. We heard support for pedestrian improvements and an up-hill climbing lane for bicycles. We also heard concerns about the removal of one downhill travel lane, possible congestion and diversion of traffic.

After hearing citizen input and further analyzing the lane usage, SDOT will maintain the existing vehicle travel lane configuration. In addition, we will install the following pedestrian and bicycle improvements on Admiral Way SW:

  • A median crossing island at SW City View St;
  • A buffered uphill bicycle lane; and
  • A downhill shared bicycle and vehicle lane.

This decision is consistent with the analysis of current and future traffic conditions on the corridor, recommendations in the Pedestrian Master Plan and Bicycle Master Plan and input from the community received via the July 13, 2010, open house, letters and phone calls. This work will be completed in 2010.

The purpose of these changes is to enhance the pedestrian crossing at the SW City View transit stop, maintain transit efficiency, provide bicycle facilities and maintain vehicle carrying capacity. SDOT carefully considered the needs of all users on SW Admiral Way.

  • Motorists/Freight—There will be no changes to travel lanes on the corridor.
  • Transit —SDOT is coordinating with Metro Transit to review the proposed lane widths. There will be no changes to existing bus stops.
  • Pedestrians—A median island will be installed to provide a refuge so that pedestrians can cross one direction of traffic at a time.
  • Bicycles—SDOT will add a dedicated buffered bicycle lane uphill and a shared lane downhill.
  • Parking—Underutilized parking will be removed to accommodate the bike lane on Admiral Way SW south of SW City View St.
  • Emergency Response—Because emergency responders such as ambulances and police cars can use their sirens and lights to clear their path, this plan will not adversely impact operations.

Implementation of the project is scheduled for September 2010. Residents will receive door hangers in early September regarding temporary parking restrictions during restriping (parking is restricted so that paint does not get sprayed on adjacent parked vehicles). Weather permitting; restriping will occur in mid to late September.


  • Maintain the existing 4 vehicle travel lanes
  • Install a pedestrian median crossing island at SW City View
  • Install a 5 foot wide uphill bike lane with a 2 foot wide painted buffer
  • Add shared lane markings (sharrows) to the outside, downhill lane.
  • Remove parking south of SW City View St to maintain existing travel lanes and add the uphill bicycle lane.

Click here to view SDOT responses to Frequently Asked Questions received during the public comment period

Click here to view the project plans


You may also email your comments to or call 206-684-7583.

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