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Traffic Safety Improvements Coming to S Genesee Street

This September a new all-way stop will be installed at the intersection of 38th Avenue S and S Genesee Street. Dedicated bicycle lanes will be installed and other spot traffic safety changes will be made. These changes will improve safety for everyone who uses the street.

New All-Way Stop and Marked Crosswalks

  • A new all-way stop will be installed at S Genesee Street and 38th Avenue S. There is a history of collisions at this intersection, and due to the traffic volumes on both of these streets crossing the street to the school and playfield or making left turns is difficult. The new all-way stop will reduce the number and severity of collisions and make it easier to cross the street and make left turns.
  • New marked crosswalks will also be painted on all legs of the intersection of S Genesee Street and 38th Avenue S to improve pedestrian safety.
  • The existing midblock marked crosswalk on S Genesee Street between 43rd Avenue S and 45th Avenue S (adjacent to the park) will be remarked.

Bicycle Lanes

  • New bicycle lanes 37th Avenue S and 50th Avenue S will provide space for people to ride their bicycles. It will also make it easier for drivers to pass slower moving people on bicycles.
  • Shared lane markings between Rainier Avenue S and 37th Avenue S and between 50th Avenue S and Lake Washington Boulevard will remind drivers and bicycle riders to share the lane.

Neighborhood Traffic

  • The left turn lane at 43rd Avenue S will be removed. This will reduce cut-through traffic on 43rd Avenue S, which is a neighborhood street.

Arterial Traffic Calming

  • The narrower travel lanes on S Genesee Street will have a traffic calming effect, which will result in fewer speeding cars on the street. The travel lanes will be similar in width to the travel lanes on 50th Avenue S, which are typical in Seattle. They will be able to accommodate the same transit and motor vehicle traffic as they do today.


  • A new parking lane stripe will be painted to visually define the parking area.
  • Most of the on-street parking will be unchanged. A few parking spaces will be removed to improve transit and traffic operations.
    • No parking will be allowed within 30 feet of the new stop signs at 38th Avenue S.
    • Five parking spaces will be restricted (“No parking anytime”) on the south side of Genesee between 37th and 38th to improve traffic operations.
    • Two parking spaces will be restricted (“No parking anytime”) on the south side of Genesee between 41st Avenue S and 42nd Avenue S to improve traffic operations.

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