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Additional Bicycle Maps

Bicycle Maps around the Puget Sound Region

SDOT publishes and distributes a free "Seattle Bicycling Guide Map"; this map covers the Seattle City limits. For copies of other local and regional Bike Maps, please see the list below.

Seattle Bicycle Touring Club Map Library Over 200 area route maps for local cyclists.

Bicycling in King County: Available at REI Stores in Western Washington and Metzker Maps.

Bicycling in Bellevue: (425) 452-7896

Redmond Bicycling Guide: (425) 556-2421 - Online Bike Map

City of Kirkland Park Facilities and Trail Guide: Available from the Kirkland Parks and Recreation Department, (425) 828-1217

City of Mercer Island Park Facilities and Trail Guide: (206) 236-3545

Kitsap & Olympic Peninsula Bike Map: Available from Bremerton/Kitsap County Visitors Bureau, (360) 297-8200

Washington State Department of Transportation Map "Traffic Data for Bicyclists": Available from Washington State Department of Transportation Public Affairs Office, (360) 705-7277.

If you are interested in traveling longer distances (to the San Juans, etc.), you may want to get a copy of the Washington State Department of Transportation Map "Traffic Data for Bicyclists", see list above. You may also contact the following organizations for more information or assistance:

Washington State Trade and Tourism Office, (360) 586-2088 - Tourism information

Adventure Cycling Association, P.O. Box 8308, Missoula, Montana 59807-8308 - Bicycle Touring Information and Maps

Metzker Maps, 702 - 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104, (206) 623-8747 - Maps, including King County Guide Map

Elliott Bay Book Store, (206) 624-6600, Fax (206) 343-9558 - Bicycle touring books, etc.

Snohomish County Bike Map

Pierce County Bicycle Guide Map

Bicycling in Bellevue

For more information about the Seattle Bicycle & Pedestrian Program, call (206) 684-7583.

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