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Ballard Neighborhood Greenways

Creating a network of family-friendly residential streets

Febuary 3, 2016

Project Update

Construction of the Ballard Neighborhood Greenway started in early September and is expected to be substantially complete by early-February 2016.

NW Dock Pl and Leary Ave NW

Crews have finished installing  curb ramps at the intersection of NW Dock Pl and Leary Ave NW. Access to NW Dock Pl from Leary Ave NW is now open on both the north and south sides of the intersection.

The southwest corner of the intersection is still under construction. Crews were required to dig up the sidewalk to place additional electrical wiring for the crossing signal. While work is being completed on this corner, the sidewalk will remain closed. Temporary pedestrian paths and American with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramps will remain in place. This work will be completed in early-February.

Crews will install the enhanced pedestrian/bicycle signal in early February. The crosswalks and other pavement striping require dry weather for installation and will be installed as soon as possible.

What you need to know about the enhanced pedestrian and bicycle signal on Leary Ave NW

  • Vehicles traveling on the greenway (NW Dock Pl) will be controlled by a stop sign

  • The traffic signal will stay predominantly green for vehicles traveling along Leary Ave NW but will change when triggered by a vehicle, pedestrian or bike waiting to cross on NW Dock Pl

New vehicle through restrictions on 17th Ave NW at NW Market St

Crews will install pavement markings and signage on 17th Ave NW at the intersection with NW Market St directing northbound and southbound vehicles on 17th Ave NW to turn either left or right onto NW Market St. Vehicle traffic will no longer be permitted to travel straight through the intersection. Vehicles traveling on NW Market St will be able to turn onto 17th Ave NW. New traffic changes shown here.

This work was originally scheduled for December 2015. Sign installation will now occur during the week of February 1. Pavement markings require dry weather and will be installed as soon as possible.

During design of the Ballard Neighborhood Greenway, we heard concerns about the volumes and speed of vehicles along 17th Ave NW. Restricting through vehicle traffic at this intersection will not only reduce cut-through traffic on the greenway, but will also improve safety and preserve the residential character of the neighborhood.

Mail dropbox at NW 57th and 17th Ave NW will be relocated to safety island

SDOT has been working with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to discuss options to improve safety and provide easy mail drop-off. The safety island on the northeast corner of this intersection is fully installed. The USPS will relocate the mailbox to the safety island providing access for southbound vehicle traffic.

Full project plans, including speed hump locations, are available below.
As construction progresses throughout the corridor, you can expect the following:

  • Temporary on-street parking restrictions
  • Short-term single lane closures, where needed
  • Pedestrian and bicyclist detours
  • Noise, dust, and vibration typical of construction
  • Weekday work hours from 7 AM to 5 PM
  • Maintained access to residences

This work is weather dependent and will be rescheduled if necessary.
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Contact the project team at  or call 206-684-4747.


Project Description

Seattle is building a network of neighborhood greenways. Neighborhood greenways are safer, calmer residential streets for you, your family, neighbors and customers. On streets with low car volumes and speeds a greenway can:

  • Improve safety
  • Help people cross busy streets
  • Discourage cut-thru traffic
  • Protect the residential character of our neighborhoods
  • Keep speeds low
  • Get people to where they want to go like parks, schools, shops and restaurants

Neighborhood greenways are not car free zones, do not add bike lanes and there are minimal if any on-street parking impacts.

In March 2014, SDOT hosted a public meeting and gathered valuable input on building a north-south neighborhood greenway in Ballard from Salmon Bay to Soundview Playfield. From our evaluation and the input received, we recommend a greenway along 17th Avenue NW from NW 90th Street to Russell Avenue NW and along NW Dock Place between Russell Avenue NW and Ballard Avenue NW. The recommendations (shown on map below) include traffic calming and access and crossing improvements. Not shown, but also included are stop signs facing east and west on residential streets, wayfinding signs, sharrows, reduced speed limit signs from 25 MPH to 20 MPH and pavement and sidewalk repairs.

Project map

As part of the neighborhood greenway will install a safety improvement at 17th Avenue NW and NW 57th Street. A safety island/partial closure at the northeast corner will improve post office drop-off access and reduce cut-thru traffic. Seventeenth Avenue NW will continue to operate as a two-way street, however northbound traffic will be directed to turn left or right at NW 57th Street.


A smiliar island is located along the east-west NW 58th Street neighborhood greenway at St. Alphonsus School.

Here is a map of the existing route along NW 58th Street.

Click for larger

Completed Greenway Elements

NW 90th St crossing and walkway

In early September, new curb ramps were installed on NW 90th St adjacent to the walkway that connects to 17th Ave NW.

NW 85th St and 17th Ave NW construction update

New curb extensions, curb ramps, crosswalks and crossing beacons were installed at this intersection.
NW 65th St and 17th Ave NW - Work zone has moved to the north side of intersection
New curb extensions, curb ramps, crosswalks and crossing beacons were installed at this intersection.

17th Ave NW and NW Dock Pl
In early September, SDOT's contractor painted lines and installed flexible bollards on the east side of the intersection at 17th Ave NW and NW Dock Pl to improve safety, calm traffic and create a new public space. Based on traffic observations and public feedback, SDOT then considered a possible alternative intersection layout. Thank you to everyone who participated in the October 10 on-site event and all those who provided comments on the intersection layouts.

SDOT has decided to add signage to the current intersection layout (shown here) to clarify its operations. We will then evaluate how the intersection works with the fully implemented neighborhood greenway, including the new traffic signal at the intersection of Leary Ave NW and NW Dock Pl. The intersection layout will be finalized in the fall of 2016.

A street mural designed by local artist Celeste York will be displayed on a vertical element, such as a kiosk, in the new public space.  Groundswell NW will work with the community to develop a permanent park within the new public space utilizing 2016 Neighborhood Park and Street funds.

Project Funding

This project is locally funded by the nine-year voter approved Bridging the Gap Levy.

Project Materials

Project Contacts


Project Outreach Team

CJ Holt
Project Manager


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