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South End Ballard Bridge

Rev. February 2010

Recently SDOT made the following improvements to the south end of Ballard Bridge:

  • Shifted warning and guidance signs north on the bridge to give drivers and cyclists more advance notice and provide better sign visibility
  • Painted the curb cut out for better visibility
  • Added sharrows to alert drivers that bicyclists may be entering the road

Other Concepts Discussed

At the request of a business owner, in 2009, SDOT developed three conceptual designs for grade-separating bicycles from traffic. The three concepts ranged in cost from $900,000 to $3.1 million. At this time the designs are cost prohibitive and are not budgeted. Should funding become available, SDOT would need to consider if they are the best solutions for the amount of money and desired outcomes. Below are the three concepts considered.

Concept A

Concept B

Concept C

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