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The Aurora Traffic Safety Project

What do you know about driving on Aurora?

1. Most crashes along Aurora happen when the weather is:
a) raining
b) clear and dry
c) overcast
d) snowing

2. Most crashes on Aurora occur when drivers:
a) fail to stop at red lights
b) fail to yield or fail to pay attention
c) drink and drive
d) exceed the speed limit

3. Which of the following is true?
a) If drivers on Aurora obeyed the speed limit, the number of crash deaths would be cut in half.
b) If drivers on Aurora obeyed the speed limit, there would be almost 1//3 fewer crashes.
c) Eight out of ten walkers hit at 40 mph are killed.
d) All of the above

4. When a person is waiting to cross a street at an intersection without a marked crosswalk, drivers must
a) stop and let the person cross the street
b) make sure the person sees you but continue driving
c) slowdown and take care to not to hit the person but continue driving
d) hits a parked car

5. True or False? The speed limit on Aurora between No 70 th and No 85th is 30 MPH?

6. A speeding ticket will cost you ________________________

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