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SDOT Art Plan Implementation

The SDOT Art Plan details a number of specific projects and approaches to create beautiful, interesting, and human-focused spaces in the right-of-way. SDOT’s work to implement the plan is on-going.  From large capital projects to small sidewalk repairs, we look for opportunities to provide better aesthetics and incorporate the work of artists.

SDOT works with the Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs on the installation of artworks as part of the City’s 1% for Art program.  In addition, we include enhancements on many projects to make our streets and sidewalks more creative and interesting.  Here are just a few examples from some recent projects.

Sidewalk Stamp Library

The Sidewalk Stamping Program is an opportunity to enhance the pedestrian environment and make the facilities that SDOT builds and maintains more enjoyable for all users.  We have a library of stamps that can be applied to the wet concrete of a sidewalk surface during construction.  Some stamp images have been selected by neighborhood groups to enhance their local sidewalk, based on images relevant to local history or culture.  The stamp goes within the 2’ square scoring pattern which is commonly found in neighborhood sidewalks.  Prime candidates for stamping are projects with significant sidewalk being constructed and interest from the local community.


This “gear” stamp was included in new sidewalks built along Airport Way in Georgetown. The decorative element can reference local bike culture, industry, or just give people the surprise of a new item in the sidewalk. Photo: Vaughn Bell

45th St. Viaduct Wall

The plans for the reconstruction of the 45th St. Viaduct Approach included a large, blank concrete wall at the base of the structure, visible from the Burke-Gilman Trail and streets below.  In the interest of creating a beautiful surface as well as deterring graffiti, SDOT incorporated a relief design into the surface of the wall. The design was created by SDOT staff art program manager and artist Vaughn Bell, based on the image of the silhouettes and shadows of the surrounding trees.


“Trees/Shadows” custom wall design by Vaughn Bell, 45th St. Viaduct Approach photo: Jordan Bell

Bus Bulb Enhancements

Transit Priority Corridor Improvement projects include the construction of bus bulbs at bus stops along several corridors in the city.  To make these spaces more pedestrian friendly we have included sidewalk decorations at many locations.



Belltown sign compass installed at a bus bulb on Third Ave. in Belltown photo: Vaughn Bell

Lotus stamp at bus bulb at 12th Ave. and Jackson Street

For more information about these projects or how to incorporate an artwork in the right-of-way, contact

Kristen Ramirez
SDOT Art and Enhancements Project Manager

Projects in progress
Coming up, SDOT will be including art and enhancements on these projects, as well as others…

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