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SDOT Art Plan

Seattle has a rich tradition of public art.

Two years in formulation, the SDOT Art Plan is written to be both critical and visionary. It is focused as a plan of action, comprehensively detailing how Seattle can become a national leader in creating a more humane, layered, beautiful and relevant transportation system. It offers a completely new methodology for rethinking the practicality and use of our shared right-of-way. By employing the work of artists, the creativity of citizens and the ingenuity of SDOT employees, the gradual implementation of this plan will contribute significantly to a Seattle whose streets and sidewalks celebrate life, discovery and creativity.

The structure of this art plan has been subdivided into three distinct books, each with its own audience and specific intent:

Book I: The Diagnosis - the big picture of art in the right-of-way
Book II: The Toolkit - a reference for project managers and special projects ideas
Book III: Sidewalk Survey - a visual encyclopedia of creativity in the right of way

(Click on each book title to view the PDF)

Each book can stand-alone as a reference manual and many pages have been designed in "cut-sheet" format for ease of duplication, information trading and later additions/subtractions.

For those who are familiar with the history of public art, it will come as not surprise to learn that Seattle is no stranger to innovation in the arts. Back in the early 1970's, Seattle can take credit for establishing the first comprehensive system for assuring that creativity would be a part of civic life in perpetuity by instituting the progressive 1% for Art ordinance and the Seattle Arts Commission (now the Office of Arts & Culture). Now an international model, Seattle has gone on to expand the reach of the public art program by embedding artists within its utilities to open up greater possibilities for improving the quality of life for its citizens.

SDOT thanks Daniel Mihalyo for all his work on this project.

Read about SDOT's Art Plan Implementation here

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