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Alki Multi-Use Trail and Protected Bike Lane

Seattle multi-use trails link neighborhoods to business districts and create connections with recreational and natural areas within the Puget Sound region. Multi-use trails contribute to SDOT’s mission is to deliver a safe, reliable, efficient, and socially equitable transportation system that enhances Seattle's environment and economic vitality.


The Alki trail looks like a standard multi-use trail for the majority of it. However there are three very distinct sections including a cycle track.

  • Harbor Avenue SW. Along Harbor Avenue SW the Alki Trail is a multiuse trail, there is not a separate sidewalk. 
  • Alki Avenue SW from Harbor Avenue SW to 59th Avenue SW. Where Harbor Avenue SW turns into Alki Avenue SW there are separate pedestrian and bike facilities. There are bicycle symbols on the trail and a sidewalk separated from the trail by a small grass planting strip. Lots of people like to walk here and they often overflow into the trail, because the sidewalk is fairly narrow. As a result, be prepared to bike at a leisurely pace.
  • Alki Avenue SW west of 59th Avenue SW. Here the trail moves into the street and a curb separates the cycle track from the sidewalk. Parked cars buffer the cycle track from the car lane. Except for pedestrians crossing, most generally use the sidewalk in this area. 

People of all ages and abilities use our trails. Read how to use them on our multi-use trail web page.


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