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Safe Routes to School: Mercer Middle School

Last Updated: January 8, 2016

Project Summary

This Safe Routes to School project is a partnership between SDOT, Seattle Public Utilities and Seattle Parks Department. The project provides an off-street trail connection parallel to busy 15th Avenue S, making a safer connection between North Beacon Hill to Mercer Middle School. The project also includes education and encouragement programs to get more kids walking and biking safely to school. To learn more about these efforts, visit Mercer Middle’s Safe Routes to School program webpage.

Project Benefits

  • Improves safety on walking and biking route to school
  • Offers a more comfortable, off-street option for people biking and walking to school
  • Provides safety education so kids have the skills they need to safely walk and bike to school
  • Encourages more kids to walk and bike to school, which will reduce congestion at the school


The trail project is at final 100% design. Construction is anticipated to begin January 15, 2016.


A Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) grant is funding education and encouragement aspects of the project. Construction is partially funded by WSDOT with SDOT's Safe Routes to School program providing local matching funds.

  • Total construction cost estimate $955,000
  • WSDOT grant $527,000
  • Local funding $428,000

Project Library

60% Plans

100% Plans

Planting Area and Vegetation Plans

Project Fact Sheet

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