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Pedestrian Safety Improvements: 20th Avenue NE from NE 96th Street to NE 94th Street

Updated: 01/05/2016

Project Description

The Seattle Department of Transportation is working to make Seattle the most walkable city in the nation. As part of our Safe Routes to School program, SDOT added new sidewalk on the east and west side of  20th Avenue NE from NE 96th Street to NE 94th Street. Construction was completed in November 2015.

These improvements were identified by SDOT's Pedestrian Master Plan and Safe Routes to School Program. Most importantly, these types of pedestrian facilities improve safety for all roadway users.

Project Benefits

The goal of these pedestrian safety improvements is to help make 20th Avenue NE safer and improve the walking experience for all users, including students at Sacajawea Elementary School. This work includes new sidewalks on the east side of 20th Avenue NE between NE 94th and NE 96th streets and from the Sacajawea Elementary School entrance to NE 96th Street on the west side of 20th Avenue NE. SDOT will also install curb ramps, gutters and landscaping.


This work is funded by SDOT’s Safe Routes to School Program.


Construction was completed in November 2015.

More Information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this project or the Safe Routes to School Program, please contact Brian Dougherty at (206)684-5124 or


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