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Neighborhood Park and Street Fund Project
E Madison St Intersection Improvements

Last updated: October 9, 2017

What's happening now?

In early 2018, SDOT is planning to install a number of curb bulbs at the intersections of E Madison St & McGilvra Blvd E and at E Madison St & E Garfield St, intending to make it safer for individuals crossing these streets. 

The project began with a citizen initiated application for a Neighborhood Parks and Street Fund Grant to address pedestrian safety at the crosswalk of E Madison St & E McGilvra Blvd, but was subsequently expanded to other crossings in the same vicinity. 

However, a more recent decision by SDOT to add a number of bike ramps to the project drew some strong neighborhood objections because it would have required the removal of a mature tree, along with a number of on-street parking spaces.

The SDOT project team met with the Madison Park Community Council on August 7 to discuss these concerns, and then another SDOT team met with a smaller group of citizens on-site on September 28. 

In response to these neighborhood objections, SDOT has removed the bike ramps from the project, which means that no trees are expected to be lost to the project.  The number of on-street parking spots to be taken by the project has been reduced from six to five.

McGIlvra Boulevard E and Madison - o	Radar speed sign on E Madison makes motorists aware of their speed
Radar speed display sign on E Madison makes motorists aware of their speed

Project Overview

Community members in Madison Park have long been concerned that many drivers speed on E Madison St as they approach the neighborhood commercial district. They note that some drivers also fail to make complete stops at stop signs in the same area, the combination of which they fear endangers those walking across E Madison or across McGIlvra Boulevard E or E Garfield St at E Madison.

Following a major bicyclist/pedestrian injury collision 3-4 years ago, some members of the community approached SDOT for help in addressing these safety concerns. What was initially a Neighborhood Parks and Street Fund grant application to make improvements to the crosswalk across E Madison at McGilvra Blvd E (where the collision occurred) has since morphed into a larger project that will bring traffic calming curb bulbs to these intersections.

Curb bulbs narrow the street width, helping to slow vehicle traffic, as well as shorten crossing distances for people walking. Pedestrians preparing to cross the street are more visible to motorists, just as those vehicles are more visible to the pedestrian. 

As the rendering here shows, the work will include the construction of new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant curb ramps, as well as 4 new bike ramps. These changes will result in the loss of six on-street parking spots. Unfortunately, the work will also result in the removal of one mature deciduous tree on the west side of E Madison on the north side of E Garfield.  However, this tree will in turn be replaced with a new conifer on the west side of E Madison at McGilvra Blvd E.

Project Area


Design has been completed, but it is likely that construction will not take place until the winter of 2018.

Estimated Construction Cost:  $490,000

Funding Sources:

  • Your Voice, Your Choice (formerly Neighborhood Parks & Street Fund)
  • Pedestrian Master Plan
  • Safe Routes to School
  • Move Seattle Levy


  • Project Manager:  Vanessa Bacurin
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