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North Seattle Neighborhood Greenway & School Safety Project

Creating a network of family-friendly residential streets

February 27, 2017

Project Description

We've been working with community members from Crown Hill, Greenwood, Licton Springs, and Northgate since summer 2016 to select a route for a new east-west neighborhood greenway to be built in 2018.

Seattle Public Schools is redeveloping the Wilson-Pacific school site into new elementary, K-8, and middle schools that will open in 2017, and we're planning to build a pedestrian and bicycle bridge for the Northgate Link light rail station scheduled to open in 2021.

Before the new schools open and in preparation for the new bridge, we're prioritizing this neighborhood greenway and school safety project to make North Seattle transportation safer for everyone – whether you're walking, driving, biking, taking transit, or moving goods.

What we heard

Hundreds of people gave feedback on our project through public meetings, site visits with community members, an online survey, and direct communications. We heard a lot of requests for a neighborhood greenway with:

  • slower speeds on residential streets
  • safer crossings at busy intersections
  • flatter routes with less cut-through traffic
  • improved connections to schools, parks, transit, and local businesses

We also heard that people wanted to use the neighborhood greenway to reach:

  • popular business districts
  • schools and parks
  • transit
  • Seattle's growing bikeway network

Most promising route

Click image to view full-size map

See the map above for the most promising route and proposed Safe Routes to School neighborhood greenway connections.

The most promising route was selected after listening to the neighborhood, reviewing the existing plans, and analyzing the data. The selected route avoids the steepest hills and prioritizes streets with lower vehicle speeds and volumes. It also connects people to the destinations we heard were most important.

All our neighborhood greenway streets will include speed humps, prioritize people walking and biking, and improve crossings of busy streets.

Cut-through prevention

We're proposing measures to reduce cut through traffic in your neighborhood and enhance safety for people crossing busy streets. At the intersections of N 100th St & Greenwood Ave N and N 92nd St & Aurora Ave N we're proposing:

  • New traffic signal
  • Push buttons for people walking and biking
  • Right-in, right-out neighborhood access


The neighborhood greenway will bring people to popular destinations:

  • Parks: Soundview Playfield, Crown Hill Park, Sandel Park, and Licton Springs Park
  • Schools: Whitman Middle School, Eagle Staff Middle School, Cascadia Elementary School, Licton Springs K-8 School, Greenwood Elementary School, St. John Catholic School, and North Seattle College
  • Neighborhoods, business districts: Crown Hill, Greenwood, Licton Springs, and Northgate
  • Citywide bike network: 17th Ave NW Neighborhood Greenway, Greenwood Ave NW bike lanes, Fremont Ave NW Neighborhood Greenway, College Way N bike lanes, and N 92nd St bike lanes
  • Transit: RapidRide lines on Holman Rd NW and Aurora Ave N, bus routes on Greenwood Ave N and College Way N, and future Northgate Pedestrian & Bike Bridge to light rail

Neighborhood Greenways

We're building a network of neighborhood greenways in North Seattle and across the city. Neighborhood greenways are safer, calmer residential streets for you, your family, neighbors, and customers. On streets with low car volumes and speeds, a greenway can:

  • Improve safety
  • Help people cross busy streets
  • Discourage cut-through traffic
  • Protect the residential character of our neighborhoods
  • Keep speeds low
  • Get people to where they want to go; places like parks, schools, shops, and restaurants

Neighborhood greenways are not car-free zones or bike lane projects and have minimal, if any, on-street parking impacts.

Project schedule

Our North Seattle Greenway & School Safety Project and Neighborhood Street Fund projects include multiple project elements built over the next two years:

Project background

Our project came from city planning efforts and community requests. People who live in north Seattle neighborhoods and participate in community advocacy for have asked for safer streets and better connections. Requests have come in for a new crossing signal for Aurora Ave N at N 92nd St and neighborhood greenways that could use NW/N 92nd St in anticipation of the new schools opening, as well as N 100th St as a walk and bike connection to the future Northgate Pedestrian & Bicycle Bridge. N 100th St has also been identified by the community as a priority street for transportation improvements to help people walk and bike and calm traffic.

The Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) calls for a neighborhood greenway on NW/N 90th St in the southern part and N 100th St in the northern part of the community to meet up with the planned bridge across I-5. Protected bike lanes on N 92nd St were proposed in the BMP and then prioritized in our recent implementation plan.

The Neighborhood Street Fund program pays for transportation projects identified and prioritized by the community. Projects range from crossing improvements to creating unique public spaces. They're typically between $100,000 and $1 million. Our neighborhood greenway work has been closely coordinated with the Neighborhood Street Fund's 2018 projects in the area: Holman Rd NW and 13th Ave NW Signal and Aurora Ave N Corridor Improvements.

Our Safe Routes to School program works with families and community members, transportation department colleagues working on projects, and the school district to develop action plans and prioritize projects.

Our Safe Routes to School is funding crossing improvements at 15th Ave NW and NW 92nd St at Whitman Middle School, NW 80th St and 1st Ave NW at Greenwood Elementary School, and the Safe Routes to School Connections providing neighborhood greenway routes shown on the map above to both school on 1st Ave NW and the new schools at the Wilson-Pacific site: Eagle Staff Middle School, Cascadia Elementary School, and Licton Springs K-8 School.

In addition, we're planning a Safe Routes to School safety campaign for the new schools:

  • Driver awareness before the 2017-2018 school year begins
  • Traffic enforcement once school is in session
  • Student pedestrian and bicycle safety education throughout the school year

Making Seattle streets safer brings us closer to our Vision Zero goal of ending traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2030.

Currently, residents going east-west in this area have to cross transportation barriers, including Holman Rd NW, 8th Ave NW, Greenwood Ave N, Aurora Ave N, and I-5. These barriers can discourage children and parents from thinking walking and biking to school is a viable transportation option. Increasing the number of children who walk and bike to school has been shown to improve children's health and reduce traffic congestion at schools.

Project library

Project funding

Approved by voters in 2015, the 9-year, $930 million Levy to Move Seattle provides funding to improve safety for all travelers, maintain our streets and bridges, and invest in reliable, affordable travel options for a growing city. Learn more at

Project Contact

Dan Anderson
Sr. Communications Outreach Specialist
(206) 684-8105

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